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21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey With Deva & Miten

Deva & Miten launched their first 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey April 23.  You are invited to spend 15 minutes with them every day for three weeks: "We will share a new mantra every day, explaining the meaning, chanting together, and meditating on the mantra's essential energetic quality. A program of 21 days provides the possibility for real and lasting change to occur, in body, mind and spirit."

It is a free program offered through the Mentors channel. You can register here for this transformative inner adventure.

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" The music of Deva Premal and Miten is at once sensual and sacred. At times it makes me want to dance; at others, it brings me to absolute stillness. Always, it fills me with the sublime beauty of the divine. "

Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul & Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

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  Aug 29: OMEGA INST  
  Sep 5: BHAKTI FEST  
  Sep 7: PHOENIX, AZ  
  Sep 9: SEDONA, AZ  
  Sep 11: GRASS VALLEY, CA  
  Sep 13: SAN RAFAEL, CA  
  Sep 16: SEATTLE, WA  
  Sep 19: EDMONTON, AB  
  Sep 21: CALGARY, AB  
  Sep 23: BOULDER, CO  
  Sep 26: NEW YORK, NY  
  Sep 28: MIAMI, FL  
  Sep 30: MEXICO CITY, MX  
  Oct 2: LIMA, PERU  
  Oct 16: BRASILIA, BR  
  Oct 18: SAO PAULO, BR  
  Oct 20: PORTO ALEGRE, BR  
  Oct 22: BUENOS AIRES, AR  
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