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Prabhu Music News, November 2006

Prabhu Music News, November 2006
deva premal & miten
News from Prabhu Music - Home of the Music of Deva Premal & Miten

News From Prabhu Music - Home of the music of Deva Premal & MitenSince our last letter, Deva & Miten, along with Manose have finished up their amazing 2006 World Tour, with more performances in more cities than ever before. Plans for next year are under way, with concerts and workshops already scheduled for early 2007 in Australia, plus a special four day Ecstatic Chant Retreat in Byron Bay. Find more information on their tour schedule at the website, devapremalmiten.com, plus the new photo blog, On The Road, news, letters, music, and information on Satsang groups forming around the world in the Forum.

With love and thanks for your continuing support and interest in the work of Deva and Miten,
The Prabhu Music Team

A Message from Miten

Hi Friends,

I’m sitting here in Deva's mother's apartment, looking back over the year, and I can't help but feel a wave of inspiration and optimism. What a year! We have been blessed to share our music and spend quality time with so many great people from all manner of spiritual traditions.

Sivananda ashramWe began in April, at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas; then we travelled to Canada for the Toronto Yoga Conference; in Cologne we played for the Osho Institute's 25th Anniversary; in Hamburg we played for 1,600 people at the 1st. International Angel Conference headlined by Doreen Virtue; in Baden-Baden, Germany, we joined the Rainbow Spirit Festival, which has included all manner of diverse teachers and lecturers, from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Eli Jackson Bear; Snatam and GuruGanesha with DPM in Stockholm, Sweden, we were joined onstage by Sikhs Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha; in Los Angeles we were hosted by the amazing Agape Church, alive with the great gospel music of Rickie Byars Beckwith and the Agape International Choir, along with the inspirational sermons of Dr. Michael Beckwith; in June we took some of you on a sacred pilgrimage, swimming and singing with wild dolphins in the Bahamian island of Bimini; at the Kripalu Festival we joined Mickey Hart and others to celebrate sound, rhythm and dance.

The list goes on!...

Rainbow Festival At the Omega Institute in upstate New York, founded as a Sufi retreat centre, and now host to the biggest and wildest Ecstatic Chant event in the world, we shared Osho's music with 350 participants, along with chant masters Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Carioca, Shyam Das, Wah, Robert Gass and others.

Agape ChurchOn September 21 we played a concert in California to commemorate World Peace Day, hosted by Buddhists Robert and Melanie Sachs, then travelled to the Mecca of holistic retreat centers, the beautiful Esalen campus, which began life in the 60's with trail blazers like Aldous Huxley, Fritz Perls and Allen Ginsberg, up on the coast of Big Sur...In Ashland, Oregon we were invited to play at the Temple Emek Shalom, with Rabbi Marc Sirinisky in attendance, and in Canada again, we played for over 1,000 people in the beautiful St. Andrew Wesley Church in downtown Vancouver...and finally, in the mountains of Colorado we were honoured to play for the Yoga Journal's Annual Conference, celebrating Yoga in all its many dimensions.

So, although Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth speaks of a world collapsing under its own weight, and the 'war on terror' continues to escalate, we count ourselves blessed to be alive in such enlightening times.

Rejoice! As Bob Marley says, we are One Love, One Heart.

Or, as Osho puts it in The Ultimate Alchemy: "God is loving himself through so many disguises!"


"...Devotees are fools, but with a method. They are mad, but with a method. They say that this madness is the only wisdom possible. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love. Let it be the other end - that love is so good and love is so beautiful that even if one has to divide oneself into two to love, one should divide. This is why 'bhaktas', devotees, lovers, have said, "This world is a play - a Leela." Radha is also Krishna - disguised. God is loving himself through so many disguises. So bhaktas - devotees - are not very serious. They say, "We are fools, we are mad people. But we are happy about it, and we do not want your dry, dead knowledge. Of course, it is exact, but dry and dead. Our madness is alive..."

Manose-ji Deva and I want to say a very special "thank you" to our dear friend Manose, who accompanied us every step of the way. Not only is Manose an amazing musician and the perfect travelling companion, he also happens to be the best chai wallah on the planet!

We also thank all you bhaktis, from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and inspiration you have blessed us with. It seems almost impossible to believe we have just completed such an intense year's schedule, and we're still standing! The truth of the matter is, we're feeling stronger and more nourished and inspired than ever.

We give thanks to the Divine for carrying us through this year safely, in good health, and most of all, in the company of such precious friends.

Keep singing!

With love from us both,

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