with Deva & Miten and Manose

Blue Spirit, Costa Rica
March 14-21, 2015
Cost: $800 per person plus accommodation
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Costa Rica Holidays 2015

Celebrate your life and nurture your heart with a unique seven day vacation with Deva, Miten and Manose, at the stunning Blue Spirit Retreat, Nosara, Costa Rica.

Days will feature a two hour morning  feast of Ecstatic Chant, where we immerse ourselves into the healing world of mantras and sacred songs. Following this, we have time and space to luxuriate on the beautiful beach, enjoy the waves, take some of Blue Spirit’s excellent vacation excursions, re-charge our energy cells, make new friends and re-connect to our life’s true purpose.

To consolidate our daily mantra practice, Osho’s Kundalini Meditation will be available every afternoon.

In the evenings we will gather again for further exploration into sound, silence, mantra and meditation (four evenings). Together, in this healing environment, we bathe in a joyful, inspirational, and loving rejuvenation of the spirit. Wednesday will be free for excursions or to spend the day however you choose.

The mornings will begin with a 75 minute Yoga class before breakfast led by Annette Knopp.

Annette-Knopp-201x300Annette  is a certified Yin- and Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and a spiritual counselor with a background in non-dual meditation, self-inquiry, Western integrative approaches, and shamanic healing. She counsels and teaches internationally and is featured in the book Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine Face of Awakening by Rita M. Robinson.

“Yoga is all about the Heart. Not the one that opens and closes, but that primordial Heart that is already open, naturally wakeful, and complete. Yoga assists us in recognizing that one Heart, and allowing it to balance, nourish, and inform all areas of our life.” –Annette

Note:  Blue Spirit also offers body work sessions and excursions such as canopy tours, surfing, and riding on the beach. (Additional charges).

“It is now a few weeks since we returned home from the group… With our hearts and body wide open and full of love and joy we are meeting our children, friends, family, neighbors and dog… we listen to your music, enjoying the blend of birds singing in our garden, kids laughing (or fighting…) and your songs, feeling them all coming together in a beautiful harmony in our lives, encouraging us to sing our own songs too.”

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