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entice flash player 2013
" Beautiful music, beautiful... "

H.H. The Dalai Lama

entice world tour 2013

  See Events For Details
And Full Tour Schedule
  Dec 11-14: Uplift Festival/
                  Byron Bay, AU
  Feb 6-8: Ecstatic Chant/
             Byron Bay, AU
  Mar 14-21: Light of Love/
                 Blue Spirit, CR
  Mar 21-28: Lover & Beloved/
                 Blue Spirit, CR

links of note

Uplift 2014, Dec 11-14: Webcast of this global gathering of visionaries and world music artists available with online pass, including Deva & Miten's concert on Dec 11.
 Deva & Miten Live at Omega: Krishna Das Yoga Radio (SiriusXM) will broadcast chants from Deva & Miten's concert at the Omega Institute Ecstatic Chant Retreat on Sat Dec 13 at 12 noon EST, 9 am PST. Show repeats on Dec 14 at 4 pm EST,  Dec 15 at 10 am EST and  Dec 16 at 9 pm EST.

entice whats new 2013

Prayer For Peace: Deva & Miten with Tibetan singer/songwriter Tenzin Choegyal will offer the opening concert for the seventh annual Festival of Tibet celebration in Brisbane, AU.

Mantras For Life Tour: New PhotoBlog featuring Deva & Miten's travels through the USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil & Argentina.