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2002-December-USA Tour

Beloved Friends,

We just completed our most successful USA tour so far, with a sold-out concert, Satsang and Voice Celebration in Encinitas, California.

The 10 week tour took us through Boulder, CO, Austin, TX; Palm Springs, CA; Vancouver; Sedona, AZ; San Rafael, CA; Ashland, OR; Maui, HI; Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA and finally to Encinitas, CA.

We got to see many old musician friends in Maui... Shastro, Govi, Chinmaya, and Karunesh, who welcomed us so graciously with open arms.

dpm_elisabeth_kubler_rossIn Arizona we found time to visit Elisabeth Kübler-Ross again, where we sang some songs (Shima!) and ate her chocolate.

We were joined on stage by Manose Singh for a few dates, which was a joy to behold.

Thank you, also to Jai Uttal for joining us on stage at the Prophet's Conference in Maui. To sing 'Om Ram Ramaya' live with you was a fulfillment of a dream.

A special thank you to all our organisers, and a special Namaste to our great team: Paul, Paritosho, Parmita, Judy, Valerie, The Bad Girls from Seattle.. Gwen and Bettina, Lani [Leave-it-to-Lani], and Ma Prem Alyss... and THANK YOU... all of you who came out to see us, and for the love and the open hearts that you brought with you. It was an honour to play for you all. See you next year.

with love,
Miten & Deva

We love to hear from you, and here are some of the beautiful messages that we have received:

Once again thank you so much for your gifts and presence at Town Hall, Seattle. I joyfully received the blessing there with you and all the other beautiful people who filled the audience. My tears were wonderful and joyous and I have not felt that in a long time. I look forward to seeing you again... and blessings to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to Maui and sharing your music with us. My heart is still flowing from the sacred space that you helped to create. I loved listening to your stories and hearing and singing the music with you. I welcome you to come back here again and again. You were so well received and appreciated. Our hearts to yours, we are all one.

I considered thanking you at the break during your concert, but it seemed you weren't getting much of a break with so many people wanting to speak with you! I sort of lingered around :) and then thought better of it. My husband and I loved the evening. We found it very romantic and affirming of our relationship. Thank you for the way you and Miten give of yourselves--vulnerably and abundantly. It is very powerful.

Thanks for the gift of lovely music. Truly enjoyed watching you play live stripped down to the bare bones. Deva's singing and lovely keys; Miten's spot on chording and singing for a beautiful blend of music in it's true element.

I knew going to the concert that Deva would be very impressive and I wasn't disappointed at all. But what surprised me is the unplugged version with Miten's pure blending of impeccable chording and harmony throughout the evening. Really had my hair standing on the back of my neck with the intricate blues chording. Of course, Deva's voice was a show stopper... but Miten's vocals and ballads really complimented Deva's songs, too.

The Vancouver show was simply brilliant. Wonderful sounds of 2 people in their element, sharing with the audience so intricately. Went to the front during intermission to check out Miten's guitar setup only to find both Miten and Deva sharing love and stories with the audience. Truly and gifted evening of love and music.

Deva - It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you in San Rafael recently, at your concert on Sat night, Nov 16th. You may or may not recall - but I spoke to you briefly after the concert telling you that, "I lived in India for several years, and had heard many fine devotional singers there, but you are the best!!!... " You thanked me and blessed me with a wonderful hug.

I was at your concert last night in Ashland, Oregon. To listen to your CD's is one thing, but to sit with you in that sacred space and hear your music and participate with others was pure magic.

Thank you for a life-altering evening! I am eternally grateful.

Have you recorded your Love Song yet? I would love to have a recording of that to use at a ceremony with my husband (with your permission of course). What an incredible song... thank you for sharing that with us.

Enjoyed your performance and the wonderful energy on Friday night at the San Rafael concert. Miten your songs were also wonderful and inspiring. I liked the way you both weaved them into the show. Your kiss at the conclusion was divine! We need to see more kissing and affection in public places, on the steet corners, the planet needs that healing!

You may remember Christina and I, we gave you a hug together and I told you that we make love to your CDs and that technically your voice is so pure. Being a performer/singer myself it is so comforting and wonderful to hear a good singer hitting pitches and tone qualities with such precision. Thank you for the gift of your divine music. You and Miten go with me everywhere (via my CD case!), and your music inspires me to dance, to sing, and to worship. In fact, for many years I thought yoga should be done in silence, but now I am often moved to play music when doing yoga, and the mantras you sing are a beautiful companion to the postures. Each one becomes more of a prayer. I send all my love to you, dear bright, radiant soul and friend.

I'm sitting here in my home on Maui after a wonderful Ram Dass weekend with you. This is the first time I heard you in person. Both your concert and the singing workshop this morning was truly heart opening for me.

You were especially a gift during this weekend as I spent the most amount of time with my ex-girlfriend since we broke up two months ago. We had lots of "level 1" personality stuff and drama still going on. Pain for both of us. Your singing, playing, and your deep love for each other helped open my heart again and again. You both also give me hope that someday I can experience the loving you share. Thank you for being the gifts that you are.


I enjoyed so much your concert last Saturday - it was deeply healing.

I am happy that I got to see you both this Saturday. It was so healing to be around you again. It brought back memories of my time with you in Europe, and how much I have grown and still am growing in life.

I brought my friend with me. He's one of those "macho" kind of men and he sees my spiritual music as "La, la" music. But you know, he actually chanted a little also!

I told him that Miten knows how to rock. I said that if he got to hear Drop the Baggage, he would probably hear your Bob Marley lick on the end. :-) He was actually happy that I brought him to the concert. I told him that he now has to do one of your workshops the next time you're in town!

It was such fun meeting you both at the Southwest Yoga Conference in the desert. Peter and I are big fans and often play your music while teaching yoga here in Santa Ynez. Thank you for being so open and friendly with us, it was an honor and a pleasure meeting you both.

Last night was sooo beautiful! Thank you so much. Being a bit of a nostalgic, I have to admit that my favorite moment was when you had us all sing "Fly, fly high... " Aaahhh!

I bow to thee: artists, musicians, lovers, creators, messengers! In appreciation of the art, creation, messages; in and from "Satsang" Thank You for your inspiration, faith and love that you share with those blessed to know you. Appreciation and Admiration.

SO lovely to see you tonight , to sing with you... and moat of all to remember that silent space with you, so precious and so rare in these crazy times..ever more important to keep finding it inside... Thank you so much for the gift you bring...

It was wonderful singing with you in two concerts in Sedona, just basking in the love and light you were sharing. I felt my being so open and free as I sang to my heart's content. It's wonderful the way the two of you share your lightness of being so that it spreads throughout the audience, creating a "vortex" of love and such a carefree feeing of... Grace. We're all already planning to buy tickets for all of the nights you will be here next year. How about doing more than two concerts?!

Thank you so very much for the last two evenings... such a beautiful reminder of Home. After the concerts, I wondered if I was Chuang Tze dreaming I was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I was Chuang Tze.

I was so effected by our connection and appreciative of your invitation to play my bowls before your performance at the Yoga Conference. Your music is so beautiful and there is something about the loving energy of the both of you that is rare. Your love song to Deva brought tears.

Miten, I know you know nothing about me, but as I told you, I too was a singer/songwriter in many bands for many years. But even more interesting to me is just reading about your life changing experience with Osho. I met some sannyasins in 1978 and Rajneesh changed my life after I read Only One Sky. I knew there was some deep similar undercurrent in our lives. There are always synchronistic meetings, but meeting the two of you was extremely meaningful to me.

Thank you dear ones for the beautiful concert last Sunday. Now as part of my morning meditation I sing chants along with you... thank you so much for confirming permission to sing my own song and dance my own dance (now with wanton abandon!) Your concert was the perfect transfusion my soul needed.

It is a Real pleasure and gift to learn of your artistry and to have been in your energy as much as possible for this last month and half in California. I was PLEASED to find out that you and Miten will be back in the State's next Autumn also. I will no doubt be at as many gatherings as possible, along with more friends who LOVE this new found treasure of your Essence and Voice.

I was at your concert and Satsang in Vancouver. It touched me deeply. I have always connected with chanting and I have been, and am, filled and connected in other ways since being with you. Thank you.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed singing with you and being with you in Santa Monica. The concert was wonderful. I cried through most of it. Your music seems to open my 4th chakra.

I have all your CDs and play them all the time. I wanted to meet you, but it was late and I thought, "Gee, they must be tired." So, I just left. Actually, I really wanted to give you a hug. To see how much love there was on stage was just incredible for me. I haven't done very well with relationships and I was feeling like true love was just not going to happen for me. Seeing how you and Miten shared yourselves with each other really touched me. I found myself saying to myself, "I want a relationship like they have." The feeling was so beautiful. It was so much more than just a concert. It was how your voices sounded when you talked to each other and how you looked at each other. I felt so included in your space and the love you radiated. I learned so much that evening.

I had the opportunity to see Deva and Miten in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. They do have the voice of angels. Spiritually I have never seen two people connected as they. They played to one another which echoed into the audience. The tranquility and quality of silence is still within me… Namaste.

We were touched by your visit to Maui, your sharing of your hearts, voices and energies. R. has been a new man since then, as the songs and sitting with Ram Dass worked a bit of inner 'magic' with him. For the first time in many moons I felt a longing for the commune, for dynamic, kirtan, and Buddha Hall. May you always feel connected and not get too serious. I've been singing Empty Heart all day. Much aloha.

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