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2007-May-Samasati Rain Forest Retreat-p5

Costa Rica

morning exercises on the terrace


..of course, the chanting..


..the songs...


...the meditation


...and the dance...



...and the hugs...



“...The one week Retreat has created most beautiful spiritual and loving memories...”

“...I was telling Miten a story at lunch and I didn't finish.
I'll start over for you; when I was in grade school I wanted
to be in the choir (a lot of pretty girls!) and the teacher
made me try out. I had to go into a room with her (I was
terrified) and she made me do some vocal exercise's.
Well I wasn't good enough and she didn't let me into the
choir. I was upset and have never thought I could sing.
A couple of years ago when I first met you at the
concert in Sedona I was sitting in the third
row. During the concert I didn't know a lot of the word's but
I loved harmonizing and humming to your songs - it felt good and my heart opened.
During the break the women sitting next to me who I didn't know was crying. She looked at me
and said, “You have the most beautiful male voice I have ever
heard”. I looked over my shoulder - I thought she was talking
to someone else, I couldn't believe she was talking to me!
I could feel the love. So thank you both, I still don't think I sing very well but I love to harmonize with you because I can feel the love."

“...Many thanks to you both for your/our magic retreat. And I think I'll use your own quote ‘WOW What a beautiful time’. The ripples of light we all shared will now flow out into the Universe through all of us as we re-enter our communities and world...”

“...I bid you both Namaste. I truly bow to the divine light within you both from the divine light within me. The two of you and the deep loving sense of Sangha/community you nutured at our Samasati retreat touched and opened my heart in so many ways...”

“...Hi Deva and Miten
Thank you so much for sharing your time, your knowledge and most of all your love with us. It was magic and that magic is still with us today.
We went to sleep every night listening to the sea with ‘Waves are Coming In’ running around our heads. We can still hear you and all those wonderful chants today just by closing our eyes.
We feel deeply touched by the Deekska you gave to us on the night of the full moon. It was profound we realise now. We expected the eurphoria of our week to subside but we feel the same now as when we were all together - there's definitely no going back, as Miten said...”

“...Blessed Deva and Miten,
I have been trying for almost a week now to write and thank you both for an amazing time in Costa Rica but kept feeling a lack of words for the whole experience...only the deepest feelings of love, respect and gratitude.  I think one main thing that stood out for me was that I could finally feel Self in that environment and be myself as well. I hope to continue to be as happy as I was in the photos! By Osho's grace, I have found a copy of The Orange Book in pretty good shape and look forward to exploring my practice through it. I also plan to share the Moola Mantra with my Satsang group next week :) The full moon Diksha ceremony was beyond meaningful to me and I have been hearing and feeling the mantra every day since that night last week...”

“... What a wonderful experience I had. Thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful music...”

“...We just spent an amazing four days with Shiva, aka Arenal Volcano, which was hurling boulder sized red hot rocks into the air every minute or so the entire time we were here.  Every hour or so a very loud roar of thunder from the volcano was followed by a burst of pyroclastic smoke and a small earthquake.  We could see the whole show from our bed less than a mile away.  Something I'll remember all my life, but no more vividly than the emotional clearing I experienced at the your retreat...”

"Dear Deva and Miten,
As fate would have it, I ended up in your little gathering.
It has changed me forever.
As Miten said (and I was relieved to hear) "You don't have to go back, just
keep moving forward."
I could relate to you all the synchronicities that brought me to that place
at that time, but it doesn't really matter.
All that matters is that I was there...I experienced something that I didn't
think possible.
I felt what always wished that it could be...perfect moments in
time...perfect love.
I don't know how to thank you for the priceless gift of yourselves, so I
will just say again...thank you. Thank you for letting me be a little
stowaway on this part of your collective journeys."

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