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2007-May-Costa Rica

Hi Friends

Costa Rica was a blast.
For all of you who attended either the concert or the retreat – THANK YOU – you made the long journey very much worth every step.
Here are a few pics from the concert day.
We don’t have any shots of the concert, but hopefully the newspaper will forward some on, in which case we’ll post them when we have them.
Meanwhile, meet our friends Pavita and San Jose radio dj Luz, the guys who promoted the concert.


It was great to meet up with Manose again, who had flown in from Kathmandu.
Here he is with Deva’s mother Viten, listening to the final mixes of the Moola Mantra, Deva’s new cd.
I think they liked it!


As you can see, we were pretty happy to see each other again


There were power cuts in San Jose – in fact all over Costa Rica, due to low water reserves.
(sound familiar?).
Anyway, we did some of the sound check in semi darkness...


..but nobody seemed to mind..


The venue – the National Auditorium – was once a jail.
now it’s a kids theatre among other things


Which reminds me, someone wrote to us recently asking why we never played for people who are incarcerated.
Well, the truth is, we never get any invitations from prisons.
We’re more than open to it if anyone has any connections in that direction.

The concert itself was beautiful.


We had many sweet meetings after, none more so than with Jorge, who is an artist and shining star


Next day we left for the Samasati Rain Forest Retreat, for much more than we expected!


stay tuned.

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