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2007-October-Scrambled time in Los Angeles

about two months into the usa tour – times begins to lose it’s grip.
apart from on deva, who manages to keep us all in some kind of sane -ish state.
we’re definitely in the center of the cyclone zone now.
so...did I tell you about the los angeles concert...?
it was one of the highlights of the tour.
first, it was an outdoor concert.
here’s parmita and rajen at the sound check


second, we were joined by two dear friends, wah! and montino boubon.
wah! for those of you who don’t know, is a premo kirtan wallah and great song-writer musician.
she’s an l.a. girl, so it was no surprise to see her show up in the dressing room.
what was a surprise though, was her willingness to sit out the concert with us, on stage.
she joined in on harmonies and generally spread her sweet vibes all over the gathering.
as she does.
he she is working out some harmonies with us before the concert


montino plays sarod.
he’s studied at ali akbar khan college of indian music in berkeley, california.
he’s a maestro on his instrument – and he even played the blues with us!
he made deva very happy!


it was also to be roshan’s last gig with us before returning to germany


as the sun went down we began to realise that it might be a bit chilly by the time we came to play.it was


most people brought blankets...we just wrapped up the best we could!




despite the noise of planes and regular chiming of church bells, it turned out to be a  beautiful gathering.
we invited people to come and sit on stage with us...we needed the body heat!


on a sadder note, our dear friend hasya, who lives is l.a. is struggling with health problems.
we want to ask you all to include her in your prayers.
we love you hasya


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