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2007-November-Kashi Ashram-Florida-p1

one of the blessings of our life is to meet with people on the path, who walk a different route to our own.
we were received with such grace by the folks at the kashi ashram.
we were made welcome, fed – which, as devotees of neem karoli baba, is one of their core spiritual practices, and cared for as if we were the weariest of world travellers...

the work shop, which was attended by around 150 people, was another one of the highs of the u.s. tour.
it was conducted in a specially erected marquee in the grounds of the ashram (90 acres) – even then, we hardly managed to get everyone inside...


here’s deva introducing the breath openers...



meeting each other with the shima chant, from the hopi people




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