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2007-November-USA Tour-p2

here are a few more random pics from the tour:

stage in phoenix with buddha projection before opening the doors – over 800 people joined us here.
thanks kathy


we had a deep and ecstatic workshop in phoenix with over 100 people...


abhiyana, in the black shirt, was deva’s teacher in her shiatsu studies in the ashram.
if it wasn’t for him, deva and i may never have met!
next to him are two of our dear friends from the ashram days, sumano, and lani


here’s a better pic of abhiyana.
if anyone reads this from sedona, get an acupuncture session from this guy.
he is the best!
dr. abrahamson.

on the way down highway 1, to los angeles from san francisco, we came upon these seals on the beaches at big sur


...standin’ on the corner in winslow, arizona...


couldn’t pass up the chance to stop in winslow after the eagles and jackson browne sang about it so sweetly!
..here it is... winslow arizona usa.. hmmm...


the only coffee shop in town – manose checks his email...


miten checks the soccer results... deva waits patiently...


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