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2007-November-USA Tour-p1

hi friends – thanks for the encouragement to keep this blog going.
it means a lot to deva and i to hear from you.
we’re doing our best to answer all of your email messages personally, but right now, we’re struggling to keep up, so if you haven’t heard back from us, do not despair - we’ll get there soon!
right now, we have two weeks break, after 2 months of the usa tour.

after this  break, we fly to miami to continue for another two months, our longest stretch in america.
our schedule takes us to the bahamas, mexico and hawaii – so it’s all down hill after this!

our friends carolyn and bruce kindly invited us to have their beach house in malibu for these 2 weeks, so we fall asleep each night to the sound of waves – so much magnificence.
how awesome is that?

the fires here are pretty much under control now.
last night we played what turned out to be the high point of the whole tour – and there have been some high points, believe me, but the encinitas concert was something else.
somehow 800 people squeezed into a 500 seater venue.
luckily for us the fire marshall didn’t show up!
you guys were amazing – sitting on the stage steps, in the aisles...and singing your hearts out, with us.
one thing was clear – we’d come to celebrate being alive.

look at pics of what these people (and animals) went through in california and you’ll see what I mean.










many folks had lost homes in the fires, and if they were lucky enough to keep their houses, they for sure knew some who wasn’t.
gratitude was the main emotion in the concert.
we were all there to give thanks.
..and to heal our hearts.
our hearts go out to all you beautiful souls who came to sing with us last night.
thank you soooo much for what you gave back to deva, manose and I that evening.

here are a couple of messages we received after the concert:

Dear Beautiful Deva and Miten ~ Thank you for your great blessing of performing in Encinitas California last night ~ I was so very honored to hear you perform live for the first time and meet you ~ I was deeply moved by your radiance ~ purity ~ love ~ and your embrace will remain within me ~ eternally ~
Your music is stunning in its beauty and beyond words ~

Your compassionate words to the sold out concert hall regarding the raging wild fires here in San Diego County meant so much and we know you took a risk to come here while the fires still burn ~ As you said you felt it in your hearts to come ~
Namaskar Deva & Miten,

The purity of your beautiful souls are felt within the very depths of my heart -- What an honor and a blessing our spiritual paths have crossed ~ under a starry moonlit sky ~ Truly a precious treasure of the heart ~

Words cannot even describe the feelings n' emotions evoked within from last night's performance --- a sacred journey through the ethereal & astral planes of existence --- Where the layers of serenity & tranquility reside...Where we can all experience the Oneness and divine connection to the Infinite....The White Light of the Cosmos ~

To Deva: - The beauty of your Inner Spirit is reflected in the mystic calls of your angelic voice ~ I felt your incredible vibrational energy within every sacred note ~ raising my divine consciousness to higher levels ~ Bless you always ~

To Miten: - May your heart n' soul shine with the radiance & warmth of the sun - I will never forget the transcending spiritual experience - I will take the blessing you gave me.....and hold it so dearly in my heart -- To continue on the sacred journey...And plant my seed ~ Dhanyavaad Sri Miten ~

May the lotus flower continue to blossom within us all ~ OM SHANTI

the day after the encinitas concert we played at the deepak chopra centre, in san diego, and then we went to malibu.
deva met deepak.
he wasn’t at all friendly or welcoming to her - quite indifferent to our visit...
oh well, maybe he’s just overloaded. The evening concert, however made up for it - we shared a sacred and beautiful evening with staff members and participants of his group 'the secrets of enlightenment'.

meanwhile, we want to thank all of you who attended our concerts in the usa this year.
what a blessing to be together!

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