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2007-December-Sivananda Ashram-p2

hidden away in this tiny oasis, deva and i spent a week among some of the kindest and sweetest of fellow travellers.
people came from all over the usa to spend time with us over thanksgiving.
here’s a pic of the morning sunlight streaming through the temple windows at 6 am.
swami sivananda can be seen in the photo above deva - swami vishnu devananda, the founder of the ashram in the bahamas, can be seen behind miten


the ashram nestles in a warren of sandy paths and trees, with tiny wooden guest houses tucked away in the undergrowth.
birds sing, waves caress the white sand, chanting the holy name of lord krishna can be heard, and temple bells chime


manose made the most of his week there, enjoying snorkelling and, of course made friends with everyone, and still enchanted us all with his bansuri – even at 6 am




hal and marcia martin, our miami concert promoters were also among the guests


we want to thank the new friends we made at the shivananda ashram, and look forward to seeing them again sometime




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