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Corfu: In The Light of Love II


hi friends – well life is as usual, full on.after we completed the 2nd ‘in the light of love’ programme we celebrated by going sailing with our good brother, rajendra

it turned out to be much more than we’d bargained for - see below for that story....and then after a great trip into corfu town with deva’s mom viten, and sis, ilonka, our minibus broke down and left us high and dry...we have just one week to get it repaired before leaving corfu.

wish us luck on that one.yes, that’s how long we have left here – just one week

...it has all gone so fast.and then sakha almost drowned in rough seas while wind surfing...fortunately ‘almost’ is the operative word.
he was rescued, laying on his board, all energy drained away, below the cliffs of afionas by irate, wet coast gaurds...
but breathe easy – he’s safe and well...and the coast guards gave him a lecture and sent him off, embarrassed, but safe!

tomorrow we begin TANTRA MANTRA for 38 loving couples.
a treat in store for all concerned.which will be followed by our
marathon road tour of the usa
..in this..!

lol2 01

...or something similar...

ok..here are some pix – and messages - from ILOL 2

Dear Deva, Miten and Manose,

we spent with you beautiful and magic time singing mantras at Buddha Hall three weeks ago... Since I am home, I try to find the right words to thank you for that, to thank you for your openness and love you gave all of us - but words are not enough to express all my feelings and the light, peace and love which I carry since that time in my heart...

Your mantras, your songs are now inside of me, I hear them even in my dreams, when I am sleeping - "There is so much magnificence"... was what woke me up after a dream full of fear, the song accompanied me the whole day, the fear flew away...

I am so grateful to have met you - two years ago I didn't even know that it exists, something like mantra singing, I heard about you from a friend, I bought my first CD with your music, it was "Into the silence", I felt immediately in love with the voice of Deva, then I went to a concert in Hannover and I felt in love with the music of Miten and Manose.

I send you my love and hope to be able to come to Corfu next summer, to see you and sing with you again.

lol2 02

lol2 03

lol2 04

lol2 05

Dear Deva and Miten,

I am so happy to discover your music and you in 2009, it really changed a lot in my life. Since 2009, I chant daily with your CDs (Mantras for Precarious Times and Tibetan Mantas for Turbulent Times) and since I finally overcame serious depression I was suffering from for a long time. What you do and share with so many people is so amazing!

The gift you were granted is so precious as it touches so many people on such deepest levels. I never thought I could be 'hooked' so much (in the most positive sense) on anything, but your voices, your music are constant companions in my life now. And the concerts and Corfu retreats – my god, these are such special spaces and energies, the experiences of them! I still get goose bumps just remembering and re-living the latest Corfu retreat – its difficult to find the right words, its was simply divine!

I am rather shy person, but during the concerts and w/shops in Corfu I really felt my heart was opening wide and was letting go of limitations, shyness, fears; the tears which were rolling down my eyes without any apparent reason were just like cleansing and comforting.

Sorry if I sound emotional or even corny, I just wanted you to know how much what you two do is appreciated, loved, cherished by so many many people, I am just one of that huge army of fans!

Thank you so much for your gift and looking forward continuing this amazing journey together with you!!

With all my love and affection,

lol2 06

lol2 07

lol2 08

lol2 09

lol2 10

Dear Deva, Miten and Manose,
It was so nice to know you ... you are, so, so, so ..... totally love and presence.
I've enjoyed so much the week with you, thank you thank you...and I'm still enjoying...at home your music become alive again
No words for my feelings....
I love you!!
Big, big big hug

lol2 11

lol2 12

lol2 13

lol2 14

Dear Deva, Miten and Manose,
Thanks again for the amazing time in Corfu! It really is magnificent being in the light of so much love.

lol2 15

lol2 16

lol2 17

lol2 18

Hi Beautifuls,
I still enjoy our time in Corfu and the chanting. What I love most is this:
t night – in my dreams I still sing the songs completely – and I don't have a problem with the Sanskrit words.
Or the melody – what I have in daytime.
It seems that the songs still vibrate... THANK YOU for sharing the life with us and be present.

lol2 19

lol2 20

lol2 21

lol2 22

Dear Deva, Miten and Manose,

thank you so much for this overwhelming week.
My soul is flying and i feel grounded at the same time –
it is such a tender and lovely feeling.

Since the last session, the mantras has been with me the whole time -
couldn´t stop singing.

And it´s great to see that my mind gets so calm through it.
It helps me to relax and to be so deeply connected to myself.
I could cry and laugh all the time, I´m so grateful for this beautiful gift you and the whole group gave me.

Deva you helped me to feel much more rooted again - in such a gentle way - your energy is so incredible sweet and soft.
Miten you made me cry so fast and touched my heart so deeply and intensely - it was great.
Manose you opened my heart so wide and I felt absolutely present while I'm hearing your voice or flute- you have such a strong and present energy.

And this special energy in the group - all this love- all this happiness - all this bliss. I loved it so much.
You are always with me.
Words cannot express how much I feel connected to you and how much I love you.
All my love and gratitude to you beautiful souls.

lol2 23

lol2 24

lol2 25

lol2 26

lol2 27

lol2 28

Beloved embodiment of LOVE !

I just feel terrible need to write a few sentences to you out of deep gratitude for have a chance to meet you guys in person. No wonder there was such a strong and powerful call last few months, to come there and celebrate with your 'gang from god'...

I find all your 'work' very powerful as I'm transforming my energy through mantras, listening them every day. There are so many things on different levels going on during this process since I've returned from Corfu.

The learning goes deeper and I have a new addiction: can't wait every day that before I go to sleep put on the CD of DEVA with the GYUTO MONKS, this is my new fairy tale before sleep. It so gently and smooth drops me in to most peaceful and very tight clear-minded sleep. It's very interesting that before I've always felt that when I sleep I'm traveling and researching many different realities, very strange but not like hard or annoying, it is even fun sometimes traveling all around in asleep. But now when I listen to you and the monks, it's such a deep safe feeling like: "It's O.K, we're here, you're coming home..."

That's why everything changed.

When I fall asleep it feels like sinking in to the deepest peaceful space of most safe land of nothing but everything. It's so grandeur and sooth-able, the sound of silence, the frequence become louder. My heart starts to feel again and heal, as terrible pain from my chest is leaving my body.

THANK YOU, love to all of you, embrace to angel Manose too, NAMASTE!

 lol2 29

lol2 30

lol2 31

lol2 32

lol2 33

...on the high seas with our brother rajendra and his beloved sailing boat

lol2 34

we put down anchor close to this island, had a swim, and began to prepare lunch

lol2 35

it was all so peacefully sublime...

lol2 36

...when suddenly the cabin caught fire...!!
rajendra was trapped inside and couldn’t get out – the flames all around his legs and feet.
we fought the flames as best we could but they began to engulf the cabin again and again.
it was a nightmare situation
eventually an italian family came to our rescue in the speedboat and rushed rajendra to arillas, and eventually, to hospital.
he is now in germany having skin grafts and various operations.
please say a prayer for him – he’s a strong and gentle guy – 74 years ole, an ‘old man of the sea’...
our hero that day, as he did so much to keep us safe, despite his terrible burns and the great pain he must have been in

lol2 37

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