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2010-February-Saying Goodbye To Australia: Melbourne

our last concert of the tour, in melbourne back stage before the concert, with promoter and dear friend, chris hooper




‘...go lightly on this fragile earth, my native son...’


manose with ravi, on kora –  'ilumina' from the rain forests of brasil


mantra for precarious times – om shanti om


'four angels'


ravi overtones for the dalai lama and his people, on the tibetan mantra, 'teyata'


introducing the bansuri wallah


'radhe govinda' – deva bringing together the masculine and feminine energies


rockin’ out on 'you gotta move' – deva pays homage


waves are coming in – with the audience on stage


...and eventually, from song into silence




after the concert, hanuman blesses us with a visit to the dressing room


thank you melbourne!

you donated a total of $1120.50 for the people of haiti

this makes a grand total of $5470.65 from the events in auckland NZ, byron bay, brisbane, sydney and melbourne, and includes $400 from chris hooper herself and $200 from the ecstatic chant retreat participants at lake ainsworth.

deva, manose and i have added a further $2,000, bringing the total to $7,670.65

this will go to Haiti Orphan Rescue, an organization co-ordinated by our good and trusted friend, heather, who works with others in haiti, specifically with orphaned children.

Haiti Orphan Rescue

20 orphans who lost their orphanage and the adults who were caring for them.

We have one person on the ground doing their best to keep them alive until we can rebuild and get more caretakers and supplies to them.

We have a doctor, two builders, a nurse, and a man who makes prosthetic body parts on our team, among several other wonderful people who have been helping in Haiti, as well as me helping to coordinate the efforts, and I also help with the long term set up of care and education for the children.


photos by melinda andreas (thanks mellie)

ps – meet kiff.

kiff took us flying across melbourne in his hot-air balloon a few years back.

we heard he’d been in a serious motor cycle accident and went to visit him in hospital.
it was satsang being with him.

he is so full of love and gratitude for the second chance that he’s been given,
and the realization that every precious moment is a miracle.


travel safe kiff, fly high


And finally a few comments received by Chris Hooper

Hi Chris

How fantastic were they!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your behind the scenes support, to bring them to us. You don’t know how much it meant to me to have them play my favourite song of their’s - Shima Shima. Think I should have named my son Shima after all….

Paul and I are still on a huge high and no doubt will be for some time.

Natalie and Paul

…. Jet and I can not tell you how special we felt when we walked into the National Theatre and you had saved us those great seats. I think it made such a difference to us both to be able to feel closer to the performers and to see their faces and feel their music much deeper. The performance was outstanding and what beautiful people. We cannot thank you enough for introducing us to Mantra’s. The CD we purchased ‘In Concert’ has not been off the player. Jet copied it (ooops – we shouldn’t tell you that eh) to take to the office. Thank you again Chris … we are both converts from ole rockers to chanters!

Kevin and Jet

… having been present at each of Deva Premal and Miten’s concerts in Melbourne, I have to say that this was the most powerful. Everything about it was heavenly. Apparently Deva was having some problems with frequencies, but I think it was a thousand million angels around her. None of us in our group could determine any sound problem, in fact as I mentioned it was one of my most powerful moments. Please bring them back again soon


…. And what a great event – everything about it was so professional, which is not what you always have in this industry. These musicians are the ultimate in every sense of the word…Thanks again for everything


... as you know I went to Brisbane, 1 Byron Bay and Melbourne events. I have been so completely converted since you introduced me to their music 3 years ago. Maybe it is because I am from Melbourne, but my feeling is that Melbourne was by far the best concert. Even the Zen stage was much more powerful to me, it didn’t distract me from Deva, Miten and Manoose, where as with all the other stuff – beautiful as it was, my focus tended to be all over. It shows that I am still a baby, I probably should be able to focus on just the music and the feeling. I can not pin point what, nor why, I have the feelings I have when I hear them play, all I know is it is a feeling that I wish to aspire to 24/7. My staff are not there yet, and still often complain when I put it on, but before long, I can feel the genuine calming effect it has not only on my staff, but also the customers in the bank. I am anticipating going to Corfu this year. Can’t get enough of their healing energy.


...what is it with the way Deva moves… I watched here arms when she was singing – she has arms like eagle wings, or angel wings, and they are so rhythmic, not only do I love to hear her sing, I love to watch how she moves. It was great to be so close to the front to be part of the interaction between them all, it is evident how much love there is.


… and the very best way to spend a Tuesday night, wish we could do it every week. When are they coming back? Oh my, oh my, oh my, I have been playing Mantra’s non- stop, even my husband commented on the steadying effect it has, and we are all still on such a high.





ravi overtones for the dalai lama and his people, on the tibetan mantra, teyata

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