Blown Away finds Miten reconnecting with his roots and emerging with a record full of passion and power. The lineup features some of England’s best session musicians–and, of course, Deva Premal.

The CD has ten beautiful songs, including many long-time favorites (Native Son, Rhythm Of The Heart, Brasil, Drop The Baggage) from Miten and Deva Premal’s concerts. The music is strong, inspired, and, as always, comes straight from the heart.

Featuring: Maneesh de Moor, Ravi, Raj Rishi, Spencer Cozens, Reiff Jr., Alan Thompson, and Mads Michelsen.

“The opening track, Blown Away, gives me goose bumps and from then on I’m entranced, into the music, into the space. It takes me to Cloud 7 where The Big Party is happening!” -Osho Times, Germany