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Deva Premal: Om Meditation

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Meditate with Deva and Miten as they chant the ‘Cosmic ‘Yes’ – the sacred seed mantra “OM”. The mantra is chanted at 432Hz, a frequency that is mathematically aligned to the vibration of the universe and enhances the dimension of inner peace and silence.

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GF with Estas

Gayatri Festival, Costa Rica with Special Guests Estas Tonne, Peia & Joby Baker – DEC 24 – 31, 2022

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So happy to let you know that our dear friend and guitar virtuoso ESTAS TONNE will be joining us for our GAYATRI FESTIVAL in Costa Rica, December 24-31!
Estas is a beautiful spirit, a wild and passionate musician. We’re sure many of you are aware of his amazing expertise on the nylon string guitar and his magical, musical transmission. We are in for a treat!
We first met here in Costa Rica in April and immediately felt the Love. Consequently, we invited him to join us for our musical extravaganza Christmas Event at Blue Spirit and we’re happy to say he accepted.
We also invited the wonderful singer and world musician, Peia to join the gathering. Peia is known for her mesmerizing singing in plant medicine ceremonies around the world.
And the wonderful Joby Baker – long-time band member and producer of all our recent albums – will also be with us.
So come prepared for a musical feast…a perfect way to spend the holiday season, singing our gratitude, dancing our prayers, and opening through our meditation, into A Deeper Light.
More info:

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VIA Illuminata: Shamanic Wisdom & Sacred Mantra with Alberto Villoldo PhD, Marcela Lobos, Q’ero Shamans, Deva Premal & Miten

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VIA Illuminata: Shamanic Wisdom & Sacred Mantra
Sacred Valley, Peru: April 23 – 29, 2023
Join us for a feast of music and shamanic wisdom in the magical Sacred Valley in Peru. We begin each day with morning yoga and an expedition to ancient temples, where we take part in ceremonies with the Andean shamans and receive rites of initiation as Earthkeepers. In the late afternoons we immerse ourselves in the healing world of mantras and sacred songs, followed by inspirational evening talks with Alberto Villoldo, PhD and Marcela Lobos. In this healing environment, we are enveloped in a joyful, inspirational, and loving rejuvenation of the spirit.

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TIMELESS Tour: Europe 2022

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☀️ Our European Tour 2022
☀️ Hi Friends – Our TIMELESS EUROPEAN TOUR is happening in September and October.
We are SO much looking forward to being with you again – LIVE❣️
☀️We have new music and timeless classics to share – Joby Baker and the amazing Temple Band will be with us, so get ready to ‘loosen up your body’. We are coming to DANCE THE MANTRAS and with this band we can take it to the next level.
After waiting for two years, this is our time.
✨Nuremberg, DE, ✨Geneva, CH, ✨Zurich, CH, ✨Stockholm, SE, ✨Siegburg, DE, ✨Offenbach, DE, ✨Paris, FR, ✨Manchester, UK, ✨London, UK, ✨Munich, DE, ✨ Almere, NL, ✨Almere, NL, ✨Sofia, BG, ✨Krakow, PL

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Mantra Bead 10 Year Anniversary

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☀️ Do you have a mantra bead? Which one? Any mantra bead stories to share with us? ☀️
10 years ago, master goldsmith @amibenhur came to us in Australia with the inspiration to offer another beautiful way with which to bring the energy of the mantras into our daily lives through activated jewellery: MANTRA BEADS.
Each Mantra Bead is a scroll made from 24-carat organic (which means it wasn’t mined) pure gold. It is imbued with sound through the mantras chanted by us, and inscribed with the Mantra using a diamond-tipped pen. The Mantra bead then contains the energy of the sacred prayer designed to awaken us to our divine nature. The scroll is rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration.
Just like any substance, sound or symbol, the Mantra Bead vibrates a unique essence within your energy body. Gold has long been held to be an alchemical transmitter of golden light and when it is imbued with the energy of the mantras, it ignites the mantra’s essential vibration.
On the website you can choose from over 20 mantras for your bead or for your mala…..📿💛
Thank you, Ami, for all these years of beautiful collaboration and most of all your presence in our lives!
We love you, Ami!
And we love the mantra beads and the malas…I have worn my mala and my bead daily for the last 10 years and Miten his bead as well

Check out:

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New Release: All the Birds Fly Home (Live)

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💛 NEW RELEASE: ‘All the Birds Fly Home’ – live in Munich.
One of our favourite songs from our ashram days:
🐦‍⬛ All the birds fly home
As the sun goes down
Silence can be touched
The splendour of your love
The splendour of your love 🐦‍⬛
This recording captures the completion of a 3-hour concert at the end of our 30-day 2023 European Tour. We were all saying goodbye to each other – musicians and audience alike – with tears of joy and gratitude.
So much love was shared. We were all in a wonderfully communal space of wonderment!
So happy we can now share it with you. Check Youtube for a video clip of the moment.
On all streaming platforms!


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Singing Our Prayers 2024

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Tickets now on sale ❣️☀️❣️:

☀️22nd June ✨Greator Festival – Germany
☀️24th June✨Dublin – Ireland
☀️26th June✨Mallorca – Spain
☀️6th July✨Om Am See Yoga Festival – Germany
☀️8th July✨Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival – Germany
☀️17th/18th July✨Yoga Mela Festival – Sweden
☀️20th July✨Colours of Ostrava Festival – Czech Republic
☀️20th Sept✨Alicante – Spain
☀️22nd Sept✨Lisbon – Portugal
☀️24th Sept✨Budapest – Hungary
☀️26th Sept ✨Siegburg near Cologne – Germany
☀️28th Sept✨Zurich – Switzerland
☀️30th Sept✨Almere – Netherlands
☀️1st Oct✨Almere – Netherlands
☀️3rd Oct✨London – UK
☀️5th Oct✨Frankfurt/Offenbach – Germany
☀️7th Oct✨Munich – Germany
☀️10th Oct✨Nuremberg – Germany
☀️12th Oct✨Bratislava – Slovakia
☀️14th Oct✨Warsaw – Poland
☀️16th Oct✨Berlin – Germany
☀️2nd Nov✨Flow Summit – Switzerland

Tickets & Info:

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TIMELESS Tour Video: Europe 2022

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☀️ European Tour Video 2022 – WATCH NOW
Hi Friends – Cast your mind back to those precious times when we gathered to sing our prayers, in the company of thousands of fellow travellers.
Remember the sweetness of the music and the pristine silence and meditation we shared as the mantras descended into stillness?
Maybe you always promised yourself that one day you will come, but never actually made it to a concert?
Maybe you were touched by the recorded music as it supported and nourished you in times of stress and heartache – and how it lifted your spirits during the good times.
Well, now is the time to reunite and revisit those glorious evenings. Now is our time!
Yes, we will soon be back on the road!!!
Our European ‘TIMELESS TOUR 2022’ kicks off on September 19 in Deva’s hometown of Nuernberg:
Info and tickets

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Free Trial: Gayatri Sangha App

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Beloved Friends – come and experience our Gayatri Sangha Online Community App with a 30-day Free Trial for all new subscriptions between June 15 – July 14, 2022.

You will also be able to join us for our Solstice Celebration 2022 – 7 days of spiritual fine-tuning through sacred mantra meditation June 18 – 24, 2022. This event will take place within the safe container of our Gayatri Sangha App.
Sign up below for a month’s Free Trial – no cost!*
Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Now

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