​One of Deva’s most adventurous albums, weaving sophisticated melodies and advanced musical statements with the ancient texts of India, Nepal and Tibet, Password redefined the art of mantric chanting.

And now, using enhanced sound mastering techniques courtesy of iTunes, we have a beautiful, new listening experience. You are invited take a trip with Deva, Miten and Manose into enchanted soundscapes where deities, saints, devadasis and gopis dance together in the sacred temples of ancient India… while being accompanied by some of Europe’s most accomplished young jazz musicians.

This is sound healing for your ear-buds, ipads, laptops and cell phones. Includes two new remixes of Aham Prema and Mangalam by Danish sound guru Rishi. Available at iTunes worldwide. Also available in standard audio  in the DP&M Store.

Password is aptly named for it’s like a magic ticket that brings you through blissful golden skyways until you’re right by Deva Premal’s side, exploring the glories and beauty of the every day with new eyes, new ears, and a timeless heart.”Daily Om

“As usual, the hugely talented Deva Premal (vocals, tanpura. keyboards), joined by Miten (guitar, vocals) and Manose (bansuri flute, vocals), doesn’t disappoint on Password. Her voice sings these mantras with almost unearthly beauty, peace, and grace.” -New Age Retailer

Magical, I use your music in my church for healing services, even workmen we’ve had in have said how beautiful it is. I love Password and all the others. Thank you so much.”-Gosport Spiritualist Church, UK

“Amazing voice. Each song just kept getting better. New, but dedicated fan now.” –iTunes Review

“Otherworldly in its beauty and serenity and godliness. Tangible and touching bhav. Beautifully produced. Brings tears to my eyes and makes me raise my arms and dance. I have given five stars to lesser music and would give this a six if I could.” –Amazon Review

“I play her CDs in my yoga classes a lot and this one is particularly relaxing so I use it on days I want a slower practice. All are beautiful.” –Amazon Review