Deva Premal & Miten’s Gayatri Festival

with Manose – 2022

July Festival: 24th – 29th July & August Festival: 7th – 12th August, 2022

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Essential Information/FAQs

A New Experience – A Festival of Light!
Friends – the Gayatri Mantra is a prayer to the sun, and in this spirit we have created the Gayatri Festival – a celebration of light – shining within us and throughout our ecstatic chant community.
For years now, we have shared our voices, our hugs, our laughter, our prayers and our love with each other. Now our sangha can flower into its full expression, meeting in our very own meditation temple, nestled in the olive groves of beautiful Corfu.
In addition to our morning and evening mantra sessions we  also have the space to share our own creativity with each other, whether it be with music, massage, dance… Our beautiful temple – The Gayatri Mandir is available to all.
Each morning we will chant with the warm sea breezes blowing through our hair, and at night, we will share in a sacred circle under a canopy of stars, connected to the very heartbeat of Mother Nature, in all her glory. This is more than a vacation – this is a great vacation! A vacation of a lifetime, shared communally with soul brothers and soul sisters – in our own global village, living in Love, every step of the way.
This is the key to the Gayatri: it nourishes the soul, giving us the strength and inspiration to go forward into our lives with a deeper sense of awareness, more compassion, more humour, more love.
Our Gayatri sun will shine brightly and support us as we move through life’s challenges. We all know how easy it is to sometimes lose touch with our light of love… the Gayatri Festival is here for us all, to replenish, to re-charge, and to re-new our sacred connection with the Great Spirit – our true Buddha Nature.
So – bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives and your careers, and bring the pain you’ve carried for years. All Is Welcome Here!
With love, Deva & Miten
“My experience of the festival was that it was amazing, something which will always stay with me – on the first day I cried healing tears, and over the course of the week I felt my heart opening more and more.  It was profound, and your sound is so beautiful and the space you created for us was just perfect.”

Gayatri Festival 2022: July 24–29 & August 7–12

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