Honeymoon in Costa Rica
For Couples
with Deva Premal & Miten

Blue Spirit, Costa Rica
Dec 11-18, 2021
Cost: $775 plus Accommodation
Booking Open: Email Blue Spirit to Register

A NEW PROGRAM for all couples!
11th – 18th December 2021

Beloved friends – We invite you to take a week in paradise to refresh, relax and unwind.
We welcome you to a week of transcendental music, sacred chant, dance, meditation and connection.
Down here in Costa Rica there’s time and space to tune into the healing pulse of Mother Nature.
As we open the voice, we open the space for love to flow and for the spirit to take flight.

We gather in the spirit of gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.

Blue Spirit was created for programs like this.
Spending quality time with each other and like-minded couples … taking it slow, enjoying the beautiful beach, dancing in the moonlight waves, re-charging your spirit, re-connecting – and being nourished by the delicious healthy food that Blue Spirit offers.
Enjoying simple pleasures.
A true re-treat. A true honeymoon.

Come and join us this December and let’s connect on a deeper level, let’s create some beautiful music together and manifest a sacred gathering.


**The ‘Honeymoon in Costa Rica’ program is happening 11th – 18th December 2021 and is the week leading up to the full moon, so every night will be increasingly magical!

Daily Schedule:
7am – 8am:          Yoga class
10am – 12pm:     Morning session with Deva & Miten
4pm – 5pm:         Active Meditation
7.45pm:                Evening session with Deva & Miten (3 evenings)

…plus whatever else emerges spontaneously out of this new retreat.

Email Blue Spirit to register for the
Honeymoon in Costa Rica