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Tantra-Mantra, Corfu: FAQs

The Tantra~Mantra groups offered by Deva Premal, Miten and Rafia are designed to enhance and deepen sexual intimacy between loving couples. Singing, chanting, meditation and tantric practice open hearts in a simple and profound way and invite participants to connect with essence – a place of natural trust, ease, confidence and sensitivity.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that applicants for the groups have asked over the years.

Do I have to be naked amongst others?


Is this event available for same sex couples?

The Tantra~Mantra group we currently offer on Corfu is designed for heterosexual couples only. Rafia, our Tantra teacher, focuses in this group on exercises and meditations specifically meant to enhance the polarity between the male and female energies.

Will there be sex happening in the group room?

There is no sex in the group room – all tantric meditations take place in the privacy of participants’ accommodation.

What if I have an issue around sexual abuse?

We advise you to work with a therapist if you want to address this issue in depth. Tantra Mantra is not designed to deal with issues like sexual abuse, although of course the space and safety are provided to deal with any emotions which come up through a seminar like this.