Inescapable Love from Miten features three beautiful (very different) variations on the title track from the new Warner Brothers film, 8 Seconds: A Moment of Infinity, starring Esra Inal, Fahri Jardim and don Miguel Ruiz, plus a new song, Love Will Take Us All The Way.

Miten worked closely with collaborators Maneesh de Moor and Joby Baker on the project, and the result is an amazing mix of heart-full, uplifting, acoustic, dubby dance bliss music.

“This project gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my friends Maneesh de Moor and Joby Baker. I was asked to write the title song for the movie, with the direction that the song should have many faces, so it could be used in various scenes within the film. It was a challenge we all enjoyed.

I began with an acoustic version (used in the love making scene) and followed with a dance version arranged by Maneesh de Moor.  The Joby Baker version of the song (track 2) is probably my favourite, although not used in the film – more indicative of how Deva and I sing it live, with the OM NAMA SHIVAYA chant. And finally a previously unrecorded song – Love Will take Us All The Way – which speaks for itself. I hope you enjoythe EP – recorded in Australia (Kamal Engels), Bali (Maneesh) and Canada (Joby), for a Turkish movie starring a German woman and a Mexican teacher!”