The Jungle Sessions is a work of joy and reverence written and recorded in lockdown by Miten during his extended stay in Costa Rica.


Rich in melodic, rhythmic and lyrical detail, the songs are inspired by the warmth and spirit of a place where the troubles of the world are soothed by the magic of nature and the eternal power of music.

The new album: The Jungle Sessions, available here.

Digital booklet including lyrics, available here.


What People Are Saying

Alan di Perna (Author, Music Journalist Rolling Stone, Billboard): “Experiencing the music on The Jungle Sessions is like being immersed into an easygoing tropical idyll—warm, convivial, relaxing. It’s the perfect balm for our troubled, uncertain times. The best kind of balm, actually, for the respite it offers is one of mindful awareness—a musical celebration of life’s joy and beauty written during a period of pandemic lockdown.” Read the full review here.

GuruGanesha Singh: “I LOVE this album so much….. so real, down to earth and at the same time so deeply spiritual!!”

Gurmukh: “I can’t stop playing your beautiful song. The instrumental background is divine!
We are holding the space of Love and Light on this Planet Earth.”

About The Jungle Sessions

THE JUNGLE SESSIONS is the third in a trilogy of albums which began with the 2016 release, Temple at Midnight, which hit #1 on Amazon and iTunes world music and new age charts.
Miten followed this with his acclaimed Devotee album, released in 2019, co-produced with Joby Baker and featuring life partner, Grammy nominee Deva Premal.

THE JUNGLE SESSIONS is a record of Miten’s extended stay with his musical and life partner Deva Premal in a jungle hideaway in Costa Rica.

A place of harmony and natural wonders, Costa Rica sits in the centre of the world, sandwiched between the two largest oceans and the vast land masses of North and South America.

Miten and Deva had been regular visitors for 20 years and were hosting a retreat at the Blue Spirit Retreat Centre on the Northern Pacific coast when the worldwide C-19 pandemic began in 2020. With their touring itinerary on hold, the nomadic couple decided, for once, to stay put.

“We have lived a nomadic life ever since we met 30 years ago, so not travelling led us to look at life from a different perspective,” Miten says. A key moment, which inspired the single ‘Rain Of Blessings/Ra Ma Da Sa’, came during an online meditation session when a torrential, subtropical downpour suddenly descended on the gathering. “The song appeared in the rain, into my guitar and into our voices,” Miten says. “It was a magical, spontaneous celebration of communal participation.”

THE JUNGLE SESSIONS was mainly recorded in the El Silencio meditation room at Blue Spirit, where Miten was joined by his longstanding production collaborator Joby Baker from Victoria, BC along with life partner, Deva Premal. Together, the trio capture the spirit of a freedom where the troubles of the world are placed on the back-burner by the magic of music, meditation and by the immersion into nature.

Running throughout the album like a golden thread is the power of a life well lived, in Love, contemplation and meditation.
A wandering spirit, Miten has been on the road with Deva since the 1990’s, when the couple left the ashram of the mystic Osho in India and began responding to invitations from around the world.

THE JUNGLE SESSIONS is the latest staging post on this long, hallowed journey and resonates with a profound sense of time and place.

Official music video by Miten & Deva Premal sharing “Rain of Blessings / Ra Ma Da Sa (Live)” – from Miten’s new album – The Jungle Sessions.