Love Is Space, Deva Premal’s second solo album, contains six sacred mantras, including Gatè Gatè, the heart sutra of Buddha, and Om Mani Padme Hum, the ancient Tibetan invocation. Also included is the exquisitely performed West African chant, Idè Werê Werê.

The sound texture is rich and expansive, with Deva’s beautiful voice calling us all on to higher ground, and into the sanctuary of our own hearts.

“Love Is Space is an invitation to celebrate the wonder of life on our beautiful Planet Earth. Deva Premal sings with such simplicity and grace that clearly reflects the deep connection she has to the material. Through her the heart quality of the mantras is enhanced and highlighted, creating a CD of sacred music at its finest.” -Betty Timm, Napra Review

“German-born Deva Premal shares her fabulous voice with sacred Sanskrit mantras. A stellar cast of musicians including the amazing Jai Uttal, Miten and Kit Walker, contribute acoustic grand piano, keyboards, guitar, flute and percussion. Deva chose the title Love Is Space – also her personal mantra – to remind us that love has no barriers or boundaries.” -New Age Retailer