How do Deva & Miten concerts differ from other bands you’ve played with?

The space I get with Deva and Miten is very precious. Musically, I seek the sound of silence, and it is very easy and natural to find with them. In the 12 years since I met them, through our collaboration, my appreciation of healing music has grown immensely.

Any memory of the first concert with Deva & Miten?

I remember one of the first concerts we played together in San Francisco. I stood for the entire concert, which was almost 3 hours. (They play a long time – I didn’t know!)

After the concert a girl came to me and asked, “…aren’t yours legs tired? I keep thinking you need to have chair..!”

You’re obviously passionate about music – what do you consider your main instrument and how did your relationship with it develop?

Bansuri – bamboo flute, the flute of Krishna, upon which he plays entire existence into oneness.

As a boy, I heard a sound out my window which stole my soul and which has led me to this instrument. Now, with bansuri in my hand, I am still looking to deepen the oneness with all.

Do you have a pre-concert routine?

I chant with DPM and do few minutes Savasana and 20 push-ups.

What one special item do you always take on tour?

Open heart!!

All-time favourite album?

Songs for the Sangha

Personal musical highlight?

I have studied raga music and it’s all about invoking the music’s inner spirit. One night I remember I was playing  by the temple for hours and suddenly felt that another person was standing there listening – the spirit of Music himself.

Do you meditate – and if so, can you pass on your technique?

Being with DPM keeps me in the bubble of meditation and grace. Personally, I like to do yoga and lots of savasana 😉


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