Where are you from?

I was born in Texas, please don’t hold that against me. I live in the world of Osho. Home is where my hammock is.

What’s your job on this 2015 tour?

I set up the stage and make sure all the bits get from place to place. Mostly, I look after what you don’t see, what you don’t hear, the space between the musicians, the space between the bits on stage, the space between the sounds.

Your first tour with DP&M?

My first tour with Deva Premal and Miten was four years ago, when I tagged along like a bee follows the honey pot.

When did you first meet DP&M?

We have been around each other from our days in India sitting at the feet of the Master, so our connection is rooted in the silence of the heart and the singing of our devotion. Meeting on a personal level has grown mostly in the last five years.

What part of the day do you enjoy most?

Of course, singing my heart, with you singing yours, our hearts melting into one.

Where are you during the concert?

Singing my heart, if I’m not preparing hot Ginger/Lemon/Honey tea for the musicians break time. Strong and sweet.

What is the one item you never leave for a tour without?

My hammock, home is where my hammock is, literally.

Do you meditate and if so, would you like to share your technique?

As far as technique goes, I practice gibberish and silence, some simple Tibetan tantric practices as well.

As a way of life, I live in service of Devotion. Deva and Miten’s sharing is one of the best expressions of the Heart of Devotion that I know. I am honoured to serve that expression.


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