Rain of Blessings/Ra Ma Da Sa, the magical new single released August 13, now available for download and streaming, in advance of the new album The Jungle Sessions, available for pre-order here.


“We recorded thunder crashes and the sound of a torrential downpour to enhance the atmosphere that Rain of Blessings evokes. Ride with us into the mystic and into the power of Mother Nature.
On the journey we include the beautiful Kundalini Yoga healing mantra, RA MA DA SA. Enjoy your trip.” – Miten

What People Are Saying

Gurmukh: “I can’t stop playing your beautiful song. The instrumental background is divine!
We are holding the space of Love and Light on this Planet Earth.”

Guru Singh: “Your melodies embrace, Your lyrics capture space, Your voice and harmonies erase the pain of this place… We love it Universally.” 💜💚”

Message from Miten

“Who knows where a song comes from?
Rain of Blessings came pouring into our lives during a downpour of biblical intensity while we were in Costa Rica, meditating with our online Gayatri Sangha Community.
The song sang itself – it took over the congregation and we all became witnesses to its spontaneous unfolding.
That we were in Costa Rica was already a miracle.
We didn’t intend to make our home here. It just happened.
We were here at the Blue Spirit Resort for our ‘Tantra-Mantra’ programme, which was to be followed by a tour of South America.
But as we all know, existence had other plans and suddenly lockdown fell, like a hammer.
And there we were, in a jungle…with a beautiful beach 10 minutes walk away, along a path where monkeys swing in the trees and butterflies danced among the flowers.

So …Costa Rica!
Pura Vida.
We stayed.
And we soaked up the jungle vibes. We watched the seasons change, we danced naked in tropical downpours, we watched birds building nests and we celebrated their babies as they took their first flight … and we made music.

Rain of Blessings is a homage actually.
For two nomads like us to find ourselves in a jungle, with all kinds of creatures and midnight creepers great and small…and to bathe in the loving arms of Mother Nature, was, for us, yet another miracle on our journey of miracles.

Creativity began to flood our days….

Our jungle friends – their sounds, rhythms and playfulness became the inspiration we needed during the recording sessions…using palm fronds and fallen branches as percussion instruments…and integrating birdsong and the sound of distant thunder and torrential rain to the track.

Our collaborator and dear friend on the project is Canadian musician/producer, Joby Baker.
Joby’s beautiful instrumentation and his deep sense of the groove gives the song its forward motion as we follow its path, shimmering and glimmering, into the dance of the jungle light.

Deva wove “Ra Ma Da Sa” seamlessly into the structure. The Ra Ma Da Sa mantra is also known as the Siri Gaitri mantra – a powerful healing chant practiced in the Sikh community and passed on to us by our dear friend and celebrated teacher, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.”

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa: “…I can’t stop playing your beautiful song. The instrumental background is divine! … We are holding the space of Love and Light on this Planet Earth…”

– Miten

Official lyric video by Miten & Deva Premal sharing “Rain of Blessings / Ra Ma Da Sa” – from their upcoming album ‘Miten – The Jungle Sessions.’