Soul In Wonder sees Miten going back to his roots, combining the rock and blues of his youth with dance rhythms, mantras and heartfelt songs of wood smoke, banyan trees and holy rivers in the moonlight – from a true soul in wonder.

Miten’s tales of awakening, discovery & wonder are enhanced by Deva Premal’s divine vocals & the bansuri flute of Manose, along with harmonium, kora, violin, Hammond organ, slide guitar and mandolin.

“Your newest CD Soul In Wonder is so sublime, it’s been weaving its way into my soul for the last three weeks. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. For me, the most exquisite of all of your oh-so-exquisite CDs…. Always your voices carry so much Grace, but on this CD, Miten, I’ve never heard such tenderness and love pour so redolently in the resonance of your voice–of anyones’s voice, for that matter. Truly God has found a way to sing itself.” -Brandon Bays, author of The Journey

“This is an extraordinary album, and the reasons why it took some time to create become evident as you listen, soaring along on the waves of inspired artistry. Fly high!” -Back Roads Music

“I have been listening to your beautiful music for the past few days, especially Through The Eyes of An Angel, and just wanted to thank you for creating and sharing such beautiful music. I don’t know why, but your music helps me to maintain a calmer perspective throughout my day. If that were it’s only effect, it would be remarkable. In addition to grounding me, your music also reminds me of my connection to the Divine. I’m not sure how your music can do both things at once, but I am grateful for both effects and just wanted to share my thanks with you.” -Chad Cranfill