• Eyes Ocean (Medley)
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Eyes/Ocean, the lead track in Miten’s new album Devotee, was released as a single in advance of the full album release. Devotee is available now, details here.

“Namaste friends – I am so happy to be able to share this song with you, originally recorded by the great Sheila Chandra.  The title, Eyes/Ocean, doesn’t really say it. Maybe ‘An Ocean Refuses No River’ would be more appropriate. For me, this is a redemptive song of acceptance and gratitude, built on a low tempo Temple Band groove that grew out of a spontaneous moment in the studio – it rolls and swirls like a river making its way to the ocean. I hope it inspires and deepens your meditation. Basically, that’s the whole point of my music. Love, Miten”


“Deva’s hair is like the waves in the ocean, beautiful visual metaphor. Miten, you reach some depths unknown to humans! How enchantingly delightful and meditative, Bass is like a hammock gently rocking everyone else in rhythm, genius! Manose, call of the heart wow! Mission accomplished!” -Mayatri

“This touched me so deeply. Thank you precious, divine beings. I downloaded the single and preordered the album. You’ve just made my day. Sweetest blessings to you all.” -Woneea

“Mmmh …loooove the variety of the very special instruments and Manose’s flute and VOICE in it, woow…and then Miten starts to sing .. sheer magic.. I can feel waves softly rolling ashore when listening… thank you so much! Magnificence once more :)” -Parvati

“Mesmerisingly beautiful beloved Miten (Deva and Manose). Taking me deep and connecting with the primordial ocean within, without and all about me. So much gratitude and love to you.” -Pamela

“As always, Miten delivers incredible music to ease our soul’s journey through life. In deep gratitude, I love you.” -Pragito

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