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Deva Premal & Miten and master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur are now offering Mantra Beads – a beautiful new way to bring the energy of mantras with you into your daily life.

A mantra of your choice is inscribed on a scroll made from 24 karat organic gold, and then rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration. As the bead is being made, it is imbued with the sound of Deva & Miten chanting the mantra, and an MP3 of the mantra is included with the order.

Organic gold is gold that is found in rivers or in places that it has risen up to the ground surface naturally. It has not been mined or chemically treated in any way, and retains all of its original qualities – flexibility, conductivity, purity & the frequencies of golden light.

Simply wearing this alchemical jewelry helps tune you into the essential vibration of a particular mantra moment-to-moment as you move through your day.

You can also use your Mantra Bead as a focus for meditation. Hold it between your hands and chant the mantra 108 times, allowing the energy
of this ancient sound formula to bathe every cell of the body. Then sit silently for a few minutes, feeling the vibrations fade into deep inner peace.

For longer mantras, just listen to Deva & Miten’s chanting, relaxing into the sounds and then spending some time in silence as the chant finishes.

Twenty-one different Mantra Beads are available – details here.


“My beautiful Mantra Bead is my best friend, shining its light to remind me to surround my self with joy. Thank you for this gift. Om Shanti Om.” -Joy

“A few weeks ago, we received our beautiful mantra-beads (Aham Prema). Now I can say, its magic! The energy in it is really fantastic…. My husband and me wear it instead of our rings. Much more free…as relationships should be!” -Kirsten

“Thank you for this alchemical piece of jewelery, I love everything about it. Wearing it makes me feel so safe, tuned and connected.” -Annalee