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Feedback on DEVA, the transcendent collection of signature mantras from Deva Premal releasing Oct 12, 2018.

Shiva Rea, MA (Yogini & World-Renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher): “Another sacred treasure, filled with mantras vibrating essence. Deva Premal’s offerings change the world, as the sound track of our lives – an immersion in her transforming love. Sonic healing at the highest.”

Sharon Gannon (Founder JivaMukti Yoga): “Deva Premal’s new musical offering, DEVA, is a sublime, transcendent masterpiece!” 

Gurmukh (Co-founder & Director of Golden Bridge Nite Moon): “Meditating deeply with Deva Premal’s album is so easy. I can sit and listen to her whole album, continuing to go ever more deeply inward. May thousands of souls, upon sitting in meditation with these mantras, experience the depths of their consciousness. This is the most beautiful album Deva Premal has ever recorded.”