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☀️ Singing Our Prayers 2024 ☀️ 

In such a war-torn world, can we stand together in a celebration of life, despite the tragedies that the human race is bringing upon itself?
Is there still a space where we can gather with kindred spirits for joyful expression?
More than ever before, we need to come together to raise our voices – not in protest, but in a collective and harmonious spirit.
Experience the power that sustains and empowers us to rise above the struggle
Come and join the gatherings. 

☀️17th/18th July☀️Yoga Mela Festival – Sweden
☀️20th July☀️Colours of Ostrava Festival – Czech Republic
☀️20th Sept☀️Alicante – Spain
☀️22nd Sept☀️Lisbon – Portugal
☀️24th Sept ☀️Budapest – Hungary
☀️26th Sept ☀️ Siegburg near Cologne – Germany
☀️28th Sept☀️Zurich – Switzerland
☀️30th Sept☀️Almere – Netherlands
☀️1st Oct☀️Almere – Netherlands
☀️3rd Oct☀️London – UK
☀️5th Oct☀️Frankfurt/Offenbach – Germany
☀️7th Oct ☀️ Munich – Germany
☀️10th Oct☀️ Nuremberg – Germany
☀️12th Oct☀️Bratislava – Slovakia
☀️14th Oct ☀️Warsaw – Poland
☀️16th Oct ☀️ Berlin – Germany
☀️2nd Nov ☀️ Flow Summit – Switzerland

☀️9th Nov ☀️ Dubai – UAE         

❣️☀️❣️ Learn more HERE ❣️☀️❣️


T I T L E S pure copy

July 17 / 18, 2024Yoga Mela Festival, Divinya, SETICKETS
July 20, 2024Colours Festival, Ostrava, CZTICKETS
September 20, 2024Alicante, ESTICKETS
September 22, 2024Lisbon, PTTICKETS
September 24, 2024Budapest, HUTICKETS
September 26, 2024Siegburg near Cologne, DETICKETS
September 28, 2024Zurich, CHTICKETS
September 30, 2024Almere, NLTICKETS
October 1, 2024Almere, NLTICKETS
October 3, 2024London, UKTICKETS
October 5, 2024Frankfurt/Offenbach, DETICKETS
October 7, 2024Munich, DETICKETS
October 10, 2024Nuremberg, DETICKETS
October 12, 2024Bratislava, SKTICKETS
October 14, 2024Warsaw, PLTICKETS
October 16, 2024Berlin, DETICKETS
November 2, 2024Find Your Flow! Basel, CHTICKETS
November 10, 2024Dubai, UAETICKETS

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New Release: All the Birds Fly Home (Live)

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💛 NEW RELEASE: ‘All the Birds Fly Home’ – live in Munich.
One of our favourite songs from our ashram days:
🐦‍⬛ All the birds fly home
As the sun goes down
Silence can be touched
The splendour of your love
The splendour of your love 🐦‍⬛
This recording captures the completion of a 3-hour concert at the end of our 30-day 2023 European Tour. We were all saying goodbye to each other – musicians and audience alike – with tears of joy and gratitude.
So much love was shared. We were all in a wonderfully communal space of wonderment!
So happy we can now share it with you. Check Youtube for a video clip of the moment.
On all streaming platforms!


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Mantra Bead 10 Year Anniversary

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☀️ Do you have a mantra bead? Which one? Any mantra bead stories to share with us? ☀️
10 years ago, master goldsmith @amibenhur came to us in Australia with the inspiration to offer another beautiful way with which to bring the energy of the mantras into our daily lives through activated jewellery: MANTRA BEADS.
Each Mantra Bead is a scroll made from 24-carat organic (which means it wasn’t mined) pure gold. It is imbued with sound through the mantras chanted by us, and inscribed with the Mantra using a diamond-tipped pen. The Mantra bead then contains the energy of the sacred prayer designed to awaken us to our divine nature. The scroll is rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration.
Just like any substance, sound or symbol, the Mantra Bead vibrates a unique essence within your energy body. Gold has long been held to be an alchemical transmitter of golden light and when it is imbued with the energy of the mantras, it ignites the mantra’s essential vibration.
On the website you can choose from over 20 mantras for your bead or for your mala…..📿💛
Thank you, Ami, for all these years of beautiful collaboration and most of all your presence in our lives!
We love you, Ami!
And we love the mantra beads and the malas…I have worn my mala and my bead daily for the last 10 years and Miten his bead as well

Check out:

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Singing Our Prayers 2024

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Tickets now on sale ❣️☀️❣️:

☀️22nd June ✨Greator Festival – Germany
☀️24th June✨Dublin – Ireland
☀️26th June✨Mallorca – Spain
☀️6th July✨Om Am See Yoga Festival – Germany
☀️8th July✨Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival – Germany
☀️17th/18th July✨Yoga Mela Festival – Sweden
☀️20th July✨Colours of Ostrava Festival – Czech Republic
☀️20th Sept✨Alicante – Spain
☀️22nd Sept✨Lisbon – Portugal
☀️24th Sept✨Budapest – Hungary
☀️26th Sept ✨Siegburg near Cologne – Germany
☀️28th Sept✨Zurich – Switzerland
☀️30th Sept✨Almere – Netherlands
☀️1st Oct✨Almere – Netherlands
☀️3rd Oct✨London – UK
☀️5th Oct✨Frankfurt/Offenbach – Germany
☀️7th Oct✨Munich – Germany
☀️10th Oct✨Nuremberg – Germany
☀️12th Oct✨Bratislava – Slovakia
☀️14th Oct✨Warsaw – Poland
☀️16th Oct✨Berlin – Germany
☀️2nd Nov✨Flow Summit – Switzerland

Tickets & Info:

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with Deva & Miten 
Dec 28, 2024 – Jan 4, 2025 (Book Now)
Mar 29 – Apr 5, 2025 (Book Now)
Jun 7 – Jun 14, 2025 (Register Your Interest)
For Group information, Email Catherine with the dates of the group that you would like to join in the subject line. 

“Nothing prepared me for what it was like to be with other people and sing. So powerful. To feel the energy flowing around and through you. To feel the love… everyone’s hearts were open. Beautiful. Transformational. If you go, you will never want to leave.”

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Things we love…

mantrabead ring

Mantra Beads

New Item!

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Unity Mala

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Scent of Samadhi

Ayurvedic perfume



Created by master goldsmith Ami Ben Hur, these beautiful malas are made from the same material as the great Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which legend tells us, was a place of worship for all religions, cultures and traditions – hence the name Unity Mala. Perfect for Japa with 108 beads, they also contain an organic golden mantra bead that carries the vibration of our true nature: Sat Chid Ananda – Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.

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