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Review by MARTIN DESBOIS (Journalist, Eklectik Media)

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Deva Premal & Miten, an unforgettable presence.

On this beautiful early pre-summer evening, we were invited to what I would call a gathering of grandiose energy and contagious positivism. If you’ve ever listened to relaxation music or gone to a spa, yoga class or other activity involving well-being, it’s quite possible that you have already been exposed to sublime music. of Deva Premal and/or her spouse and stage accomplice, Miten. Also acting solo sometimes, but this evening within his temple band and his better half.

Deva and her unique voice, her singing with vibratos recognized all over the world, came for the second time on Montreal soil if I’m not mistaken, the first time being in 2018. With her latest album Timeless released in September 2022, she will come to charm us and share with us his smile and his contagious presence.

From the first minutes, I was graced with the sublime Gayatri mantra, I would say the most popular title in her repertoire and which for me was an instant thunderbolt that was part of my personal meditations. Not very impartial, you say? I suggest you listen to make you aware of the gentle yogic rhythms of Madame Premal!

A unique performance worthy of great experienced artists.

No opening act, just the coveted artist. More than two hours of melodious songs from the public (count me among them!), respect for the artist: little or no applause and above all a disarming and much appreciated silence during the moments of focus and breaks between the pieces . A rarity in itself in 2023. The crowd was anchored in a common egregore: to live this experience to the fullest with respect for others. In addition, I must highlight Miten’s skilful humor, displaying a sweet complicity with his wife and using self-mockery for his slight failures during his performance (a lyrical oversight immediately forgiven by the public). This man who is no longer young, but resplendent like a child’s heart, gentle and generous. In addition, an outstanding guitarist and strong in his experience.

Perfection does not exist, unfortunately.

Only one downside or downside, the display being slightly obstructed by what I believe to be a curtain top. Veiling some of the mantras and displays during the concert, but which did not bother the people on the floor on level 1. The sound of the hall was good for this type of event, although it is slightly outdated in terms of engineering sound. compared to the Palais Montcalm (Salle de Québec, the date before Montreal) which is more up-to-date and efficient.

My camera chakras seemed out of alignment with the intensity of the show (or my excitement?). This caused me some difficulties during my photo shoots, I apologize!

There was also a special collaboration from a local artist (whose name escapes me) who had to participate virtually and pre-recorded due to the famous Covid19. The moment was very pleasant and the performance was really well received by the public. The charisma helping to make us almost forget that it’s offline, joking with us and simulating interactions that were well synchronized making the experience fun, natural.A generous evening in every way.

During the last play, Miten invited us to join them on the stage of the Theatre. Lack of speed, I was forced to stay near the stage, close to these sublime musicians and among a very warm crowd, failing to go on stage. The Temple band knew how to make our favorite duo shine in many ways, masterfully throughout the evening.

A concert of great energy and emotions.

Deva Premal & Miten is not just music. It is an experience, a journey through oneself, but accompanied, in good hands. As in the piece Into your hands: ‘Into your hands i lay my spirit, into your hands i lay my life’. A title that touched me deeply. There is something special, indescribable that is experienced and explained with difficulty, initiated or not. Things go by themselves, the puzzle takes shape, everything falls into place. Leave no one indifferent. Namaste! And a big thank you to Jean Rivest of for this memorable opportunity! This would be their farewell tour. I dare to hope for a return all the same, as the formation Dead Can Dance has done in recent years.

— Martin Desbois (Read the original article here)