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“Dear Miten, thank you SO much for your touching songs on your album, Devotee. They are a great comfort for me in this time while my mother is in her last weeks. They are helping me to go beyond sorrow to that great space of Love and Light. Thanks, dear one, you are an inspiration 🙏.” – Facebook Review

“I appreciate the gentle ways in which you teach. Whether it is Deva teaching about the silence after each mantra/song in the gentle ways that you do, Miten teaching the men to open their voices in the gentle ways that you do, you both gently encouraging people to sing, or teaching by sharing a story from your own life, I appreciate the gentleness. It is truly felt each time and I believe the world benefits tremendously from this gentleness.” – Katrina

“I saw you yesterday at the concert and tonight I’m going again. Just wanted to share one experience that happened to me after your concert. My mother died of cancer 3 years ago after a long battle and since her passing away whenever I had a dream about her she was always ill in my dream. Yesterday you performed a mantra at your concert for all the souls that we’ve met in our lives and influenced us and while listening and chanting this mantra I was thinking about my mother… I shared some tears and was not ashamed, there were people with tears in their eyes next to me as well. Last night I had a dream about my mother again and it was the first time that she was healthy in my dreams… THANK YOU!!! And thanks for bringing the sun to sLOVEnia. Feel at home in Ljubljana and see you tonight.” – Matjaž

“My grandfather is around 94 years old, he has Alzheimer ́s and lately he has been very sleepy and he does not want to eat. Today, he didn’t open his eyes at all… I told my Mom to play Deva’s music for him. She played the Gayatri Mantra for him and as soon as the music started, he opened his eyes wide open, looked mesmerized, and after that he ate very well and was fully awake…. it was simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your music and your gifts with the world.” – Lau

“The other day I sat on my porch and listened to Miten’s album. I kept thinking how I must tell him that it was such a wondrous aid to fall into stillness and silence. As good as the mantras! I knew then that he was doing so well. Oh Miten, you have always had a gift for bringing the moment to life. Earlier when I was younger your rhythms made my heart dance. Now this time the peace is so very tangible and the heart space so exquisitely simple. Thank you so much for reflecting this time so beautifully and effortlessly.” – Anon.

“There was a moment during your performance where it felt like every cell in my body was just vibrating so high and everything was moving “up” for at least a full half minute! A shift like that is not rare for me but never before was it so distinct and so significant!” – Anonymous

“Once again, the divinity and playful purpose of life becomes clearer through Mantra and your guidance. The global community guided by your sacred song and words is a better place, thank you so very much.” – Sarah

“It was my first year in Corfu to join the Gayatri Festival. It was amazing… I still carry the joy with me. I am still singing your mantras all day. Now I infected my husband with the mantras. It is so wonderful. See you next year in Corfu and thank you so much Deva, Miten and Manose for the intense connection you bring by your music to ourselves.” – Sono

“I am practicing your 21 day mantra meditation and this morning I was listening to the mantra, Buddha Nature. You were telling about the way to handle emotions, that it is OK that negative emotions come because they are part of the human existence, but that it is important to observe them and let them go again. I tried a long time – like you said – to avoid negative emotions and I was so sad and discouraged when that didn’t work out. I feel so relieved by this insight. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that I found you and Miten.” – Tineke

“I loved our week with you and thank you for welcoming us to your extended spiritual family…we are practicing the mantras and carrying the light and love with us daily. We hope we can see you in Costa Rica next year – much love and blessings!” – Kristin

“I’ve been meditating with your first 21 Day Mantra Meditation series almost every day for over a year, and I want to tell you that I am immeasurably grateful to you, Deva and Miten, for your sharing of the sacred mantras with the world! I so appreciate your beautiful musical arrangements, as well as the personal, inspirational grace and beauty that you both are. Thank you and Namaste” – Felicia

“Thank you Deva, Miten, Manose and Rishi for making one of the most beautiful and inspiring weeks of my life possible at the Gayatri Festival in August! I haven’t felt so joyful, liberated and connected for many, many years. I keep you in my heart … and will see you in Berlin soon.” – Selina