Gayatri Fund: Nepal-Compassion in Action

Nepal suffered a devasting earthquake in April 2015. Villages were completely destroyed in some areas, hundreds of thousands of people were homeless, and there were critical needs for clean drinking water, food, shelter and medical care.

THE GAYATRI FUND (Nepal-Compassion in Action) was created by Deva Premal, Miten, and Manose -who was born and raised in Nepal – along with Eva Holmberg Tedert (founder of Society for Street Children in Nepal) to address this unfolding crisis.

After the most vital needs of the earthquake victims were met, efforts have turned to rebuilding basic infrastructure in the villages and providing support and education for the children, many of them orphans.

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New pictures and details of the most recent projects, including restoring the well in one rural village, rebuilding the school in another, and supporting a Midwife training program, can be found here in the PhotoBlog.

“Having even one nurse, health assistant, or midwife will better the health quality for a whole region. Mothers won’t die from lack of medical care, leaving alone starving children who end up on the streets or in the jungle, or as victims of trafficking.” -Eva Holmberg Tedert

The Gayatri Fund is a registered association in Germany. We can issue donation certificates because of our humanitarian activities.

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