For those of you who have not yet joined our Gayatri Sangha Online Community, we are happy to announce that from January 1st-14th free trials are available for all!
We understand it is not easy for some of us to ‘cross over’ from one platform to another, so hopefully this free trial will give you the courage and opportunity to experiment!

Start your 14-day free trial now:

Deva & Miten’s spiritual community online platform is based on the values of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. It provides members with regular online live mantra meditations along with direct connection through tutorials, Q&A’s and many other features, such as inter-personal conversation, prayers, visions, meditation experiences, songs and stories – and recipes! 

Members have the opportunity to connect with others around the world, and even finding fellow travellers in their very own neighbourhood. 

Miracles await! 

“We so look forward to watching the Gayatri Sangha Online Community blossom and flower, sending the fragrance of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude out into this troubled world. With all our love – Deva & Miten”

The Gayatri Sangha Online Community provides you with access to a host of features including:

– Deva and Miten’s regular app-only live music/meditation streams.
– Deva and Miten’s exclusive Q&A tutorials including in-depth chats on music & life
– Exclusive content including visual meditation videos
– In-app events and programs
– Receiving support through sharing communally our stories and spiritual experiences with like-minded souls
– Possibility of establishing personal connection with other Gayatri Sangha Online Community beloveds in your neighbourhood
– Easy access to Deva and Miten’s ever-expanding library of mantras, songs and meditation practices all on your device

When you sign up for the 14-day free trial, you will be required to enter your payment details in your purchasing store (Apple App store, Google Play or Desktop) and select which subscription you would like once the trial is complete.

Subscription options available are $7.99* per month on a recurring basis or $79.99* per year which includes 2 months free.

You can cancel at any time during the 14-day free trial and cancellations are made via the purchasing store you set up the free trial on.

If you do not cancel before the end of the 14-day free trial, you will automatically be moved to the subscription option you chose when setting up the free trial.

Subscription fees are non-refundable.

Please note that Apple App Store and Google Play do not send reminders to cancel if you do not wish to become a paid subscriber.

*Prices quoted are in USD for purchases via the web. Price will vary depending on buyer’s purchasing store, country and currency of transaction.

Start your 14-day free trial now:

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Many thousands have joined the app since its launch, just a few weeks ago. Here’s what participants are saying: 

“I found out about this community yesterday, and joined now. It seems like what I always have waited for, this whole thing dedicated just for our connection, community, mantras and celebration..!
I’ve been searching for the like-minded (like-hearted) people for many years, still hope to find more of You nearby. You have magic! All who realizes it.” 

“You are such a beautiful community, I have never met so many loving people. Just wish to say that this IS a miracle on Earth. Love to you all”

“Oh my, oh my! What a loving gift this is. 💜🕉️ And don’t you just adore the gift of technology and all the paths and connections opens for us!”

“…This video shows how you both touched their souls and hearts (and mine), the power and healing and energy, when you light up the space for these dear humans. Just awesome. Your reach into this planet is immeasurable and so, so heartfelt. Bless you both.” 🙏💗🙏