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Deva Premal & Miten with Manose and the Temple Band
May 17-19, 2019
Mill Valley Community Center
Mill Valley, California
Booking Open
Cost: $375 (includes vegan/vegetarian dinners Fri & Sat),
$188 for children 14-18, $60 for children 7-13, children 6 and under free **

The Gayatri Mantra is a prayer to the sun, and in this spirit we have created the Gayatri Festival – a celebration of light – shining within us and throughout our ecstatic chant community.

During the Gayatri Festival Weekend we immerse ourselves in chant sessions filled with mantra, sacred song and a deep celebration of the heart. In this healing environment, we bathe in a joyful, inspirational, and loving rejuvenation of the spirit.

This is the key to the Gayatri: it nourishes the soul, giving us the strength and inspiration to go forward into our lives with a deeper sense of awareness, more compassion, more humour, more love.

Our Gayatri sun will shine brightly and support us as we move through life’s challenges. We all know how easy it is to sometimes lose touch with our light of love… the Gayatri Festival is here for us all, to replenish, to re-charge, and to re-new our sacred connection with the Great Spirit – our true Buddha Nature.

“If ever there was a time to come together in sacred union, that time is now. Bring your voices, your open hearts, your laughter, your tears – All is Welcome Here!” – Deva & Miten


Friday, May 17: 4.30-6 pm, 7.30-9 pm
Saturday, May 18: 10 am-12 noon, 3-5 pm, 7-9 pm
Sunday, May 19: 10 am-12.30 pm


This group is not residential so you will need to find and book your own accommodation. There are many accommodation options available including Airbnb and hotels in the Mill Valley area. We recommend you book your accommodation as early as possible.


Deva & Miten love kids to participate if they can be respectful of the space of song and silence. Child care is not being offered for the group, so parents need to be responsible for them if they attend.

If you have further questions about this group, please contact

Gayatri Festival Weekend: Mill Valley, CA
Booking Now Open