Inescapable Love from Miten features three beautiful variations on the title track from the new Warner Brothers film, 8 Seconds: A Moment of Infinity, starring Esra Inal, Fahri Jardim and don Miguel Ruiz, plus a new song, Love Will Take Us All The Way.

Miten moves from the rich, evocative tones of the classic troubadour to lively reggae interpretations of the 8 Seconds theme song with effortless ease, illuminating the message of the final track: “Follow your heart, love will take us all the way.”

“The story of Esra’s life has touched me very deeply. When she asked me to write the title track for the movie I was inspired to compose Inescapable Love. Along with my collaborators Kamal Engels, Maneesh de Moor and Joby Baker, I experimented with rearranging the song in my favourite music styles – acoustic and dub. Later we added the song ‘Love Will Take Us All the Way’ which is also featured in the film. I had a lot of fun in the process – I hope you enjoy the music.” –Miten