• Inescapable Love (Shine Your Light)
  • Miten
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Deva & Miten have just released a beautiful studio recording of the concert highlight from their recent tours, Inescapable Love-Shine Your Light-Om Nama Shivaya, available exclusively in our DP&M Store.

The medley will also be included on a special Inescapable Love EP – in general release mid November. The EP features music Miten recorded for the new Warner Brothers Film, 8 Seconds: A Moment of Infinity, with three variations of Inescapable Love created with collaborators Maneesh de Moor and Joby Baker – a kaleidoscopic journey, moving from a solo acoustic performance to a rich, playful celebration of inescapable bliss, illuminated by the message of the final track, Love Will Take Us All The Way.