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On The Road 2014: Hi friends - love from the beautiful island of Corfu – we’re deep into our holiday programs now (if you haven't attended the groups here yet - where have you been?!) - it's one of the most beautiful of all the Greek islands and the community of travellers, seekers and 'finders' here is healthily growing. expanding into living a life of love and acceptance. Somehow! For us it's a time to empty to suitcases, take the guitars out, and sit out in the sun for a of the (many) blessings about the life we live and all the travelling we do, is that special moment when we just ... S T O P ... moving and enjoy waking up in the same bed, night after night. this is Corfu for us. This year's tour was a real joy - from the pristine, affluent cities of Zurich, Bonn and Stockholm, to the war ravaged piazzas of Kiev and to the craziness that is Moscow, to the troubled streets of Jerusalem....we rode the wave of mantra, sweet music and shared the healing with 30,000 friends. in Israel, under the stars, at the Shuni Amphitheatre, we invited Israeli musician mark eliyahu to join us and Islamic Sufi whirling dervishers as a symbolic gesture of harmony and good will between the tribes. The Gayatri mantra flew out into the magic and starry night...shalom shalom - assalum aleikum - om shanti om. Our great road crew supported us with such great care - we were a harmonious and focused family from the start - and the gatherings (no 'shows"!) crystallised our sense of collective purpose. We all understood that we were out there on the road for a reason - and your voices, your laughter, your deep participation in the magical silent moments at the evening gatherings, carried us forward. Enjoy the pix!