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On The Road - USA & Canada Pt 2: "I was there Saturday night at your New York City concert. As soon as Deva, Miten and Manose stepped on the stage I felt the increase in energetic vibration. Your "Fly High" performance with audience participation brought me to tears...such love and joy! Thank-you!!!!" "Your concert last night in Philly was beautiful and amazing. Thank you for the bhakti!" "Thank you Deva, Miten, Manose and Maneesh for an amazing experience last night in Miami. Your sharing was a once in a lifetime experience and an awakened dream for me." "What a miraculous evening of oneness at Unity in Houston tonight. The divinity was so tangible in the sacred space we shared this evening. My soul was humbled to tears from the first song. The song about second chances in particular shined a light into a broken space with my husband and I. The merging of divine masculine & feminine reconnected our souls in a space of separation that I thought was permanent... Thank you for being pure vessels of source energy that serve to elevate the consciousness of us all so unselfishly." "Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Deva, Miten, Manose & Maneeshand the Guru Ganesha and the band. Your beautiful mantras , music & memories play on in our hearts and minds. so much bliss , so many blessings . Victoria has folded you into our hearts forever. Love and blessings" "Your show in Portland last night was so heart-opening and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this sacred space with us. Blessings!" "Thank you for an amazing performance last night! My dad was in the hospital for 5 days & there was seriously a miraculous recovery yesterday morning and he went home just before the concert. Those events are always healing for my soul, but wow, after being in Oakland Kaiser for 5 days, where the atmosphere is completely opposite of what we experienced last night, I had massive immediate energy clearing & healing. Blessings to you all."