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Recording Tantra~Mantra: We're up on Vancouver Island, Canada, recording a new album... quite unexpectedly, as our plans were to go on to Europe after our US/Canada/Mexico trip. But it all fell into place when we were here in Victoria for a concert in September and Miten was reunited with his old friend Joby Baker. Not only does Joby have a great studio in 10 acres of pristine forest, and is an incredibly inspired musician and record producer, he also had time free to work with us. So we do what we do - we said 'yes' and jumped! And we're very happy we did - the music is so beautiful. We've started to call him Dr. Joby because he understands the healing quality of our music and is helping us to create it on 'tape'. Our little sangha of Manose, Maneesh, Joby and the 2ofus are having the most inspirational time - and the music reflects that. Manose calls it Rasta Mantra - yes, we're in a reggae groove! Of course we cannot wait to share it with you!... so, as soon as we finish one of the trax you guys will be the first to hear it.