Mantra of the 12th TARA
Tara Mangalartha (Drölma Tashi Dönjema) is peaceful and golden yellow in color. She brings timely seasons and healthy children.
She extinguishes fires, stops floods, and brings the elements into balance. Upon her lotus flower is an auspicious infinity knot.
A stream of cooling energy of Love and wisdom comes from her body and the infinity knot, removing all negative circumstances.

  • Tara Mangalartha Mantra (Climate Balance) feat. India.Arie

‘Tara Mangalartha Mantra (Climate Balance)’ the soulful single available now here.


Also featured on the new album ‘Timeless’ now available here.

Two iconic voices intertwine in close, sisterly harmony. Mantra queen and Grammy nominee Deva Premal and neo-soul avatar, 5-time Grammy winner, India Arie, bring a sensual tenderness to this beautiful Tibetan Buddhist mantra, devoted to the deity, Tara.


“We invoke the presence of the 12th Tara,” Deva explains. “She brings the restoration of natural balance. We feel Mother Earth is in need of our help in these times and in the Tibetan tradition, Tara is seen as the Goddess with the power to prevent natural disasters and regulate seasons. Due to these precarious and uncertain times, India and I decided to dedicate the track to the benefit of all living beings on Planet Earth, and will donate all proceeds towards the restoration and the cleaning of our beautiful oceans: So please help support this prayer.”