The Spirit of Mantra, the 2nd 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal & Miten, brought 87,000 people from 200 countries together in an extraordinary worldwide wave of chant and meditation when it was first offered online. Now this transformative, healing program is available for purchase as mp3 downloads.

Deva & Miten explore 21 powerful mantras, explaining their meanings and offering guided meditations into the chanting. These ancient sound formulas affect us on many levels – body, mind and spirit – opening the door to a world beyond thought, where we experience deep inner peace and a true sense of well-being.

These 15 minute sessions will support you in beginning, or continuing, a daily mantra meditation practice. The Spirit of Mantra program includes:

  • 21 daily mantra meditations
  • All of the mantras & translations, plus the evocative images for each day

“The mantras provide a potent tool for bringing greater awareness and light into our lives, a space of inner centering moment to moment. They have carried us on wings of love for many years as we shared them with audiences around the world at our concerts and workshops. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer them to you now in this new way.” -Deva & Miten

Comments From Participants

“It’s a wonderful feeling to struggle with anxiety & then listen to something so soothing that peace fills your chest and you open your eyes with a smile, almost as if a new day had begun”  -A.A.

“My first time ever doing this, although I’ve done a little bit of yoga in the past. This was really very beautiful. From within seconds of sitting on the floor I was feeling energy flowing through my back. The mantras, and the voice is very beautiful. I really enjoyed singing along with the mantra, and it really is very amazing to feel part of an international, but even more powerful spiritual community. Thank you.” –R.B.

“Since beginning these meditations this week, I have noticed a difference in my days, whether I am more peaceful or just perceiving those around me as more  so, my reactions to things that used to really compel negative vibrations in me are just changed somehow…thank you. Namaste.” -Barbara