Conceived and created amid the lush tropical tranquility of the couple’s remote jungle retreat in Costa Rica, TIMELESS contains many jewels – among them, a collaboration with 5-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter India Arie, who lends her own incandescent voice to the album’s key track “Tara Mangalartha Mantra”,  a prayer for climate balance. All proceeds of this track are donated to
Other collaborators include Grammy-nominated world devotional music pioneer Jai Uttal (Campfire Sri Ram) and the duo’s longtime producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Joby Baker, who created the soundscape of this opaque musical palette.
The tracks are more varied in concept than previous albums, but together they add up to an intimate glimpse into the world of Deva and Miten that invites meditative participation. Deva’s latest version of The Gayatri Mantra Japa is the corner-stone of the album. It is a deep and intense musical odyssey into the core of this most ancient of all mantras. (Hold on to your hat).
Along with the mantras sits the ethereal ‘I just Close My Eyes’…Miten gently whispers the english lyric as we drift, dreamily downstream, accompanied by the voices of Deva and Joby.

What People Are Saying

Elena Brower (Mama, author, teacher and artist): “Timeless is stunning, hauntingly timely and full of the love we need right now. The frequencies on this album make me weep tears of hope every time I listen, giving me glimpses of faith in the future.”

Jai Uttal (Grammy-nominated singer, musician and composer): “On ‘Timeless”, the ‘divine couple’ of meditative mantra music hit the proverbial ball out of the park yet again. And what a powerful, yet sublimely gentle, ball it is. With a wide variety of mantras and moods, and some very special guest performers, the great river of sonic grace that IS Deva and Miten pours out love to this very embattled world. What a perfect time for such a healing album to emerge. And I’m so very happy and honored that Deva and Miten chose to add one of my songs to the party.”

GuruGanesha Singh (Musician):Brotha M- LOVE this! Such a wonderful sound track for meditation …. I just closed my eyes and the gorgeous soothing sounds swept over me producing a wave of relaxation taking me right to my deep inner altar! Thanks for sharing this… people will love this!! 💖”

Amir Paiss (Musician): “Wow, the album is so beautiful… so creative and rich but also pristine… You guys are a gift to this world, and Joby is too.”

Comments from Friends Around the World

“It’s sooo beautiful! So deeply touching, alive, absolutely devotional and divinely evocative. Musically rich and yet pure. Can feel total silence through the songs. Really lovely ❤️🙏🏽”

Official meditation video by Miten & Deva Premal sharing “I Just Close My Eyes” – from their album ‘Timeless’.