What do you remember about the first time you and Deva met?

I remember a very deep and loving hug and I remember saying to myself “…wow…she’s OLDER than I am…!” even though she was quite young at the time – just 20 years old – and 23 years younger than me.

She had a stillness about her (still does) that seems to come from a deep place – maybe a previous life, or something esoteric like that. I can still remember – she felt like a still and deep lake, no ripples…no mind…no emotion…just a silent presence.

What’s your favorite memory from a concert?

I will always treasure those moments when we look over at each other and between us there is a look of ‘knowing’…of recognition…For me – and I think I speak for Deva here – our concerts are a big part of our tantric experience.

It’s a non-verbal communication that energises and rejuvenates the spirit. That’s why I’m surprised when friends think it is hard work, doing what we do! Are they kidding…? It’s the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine doing while passing my time here on planet earth.

The smile says it all – or a note, sung beautifully…

All time favorite album?

Oh my god – anything by the Beatles!

Personal musical highlight?

Playing for Osho.

What special item do you always take on tour?


Do you have a pre concert routine?

Yes, we all gather in the dressing room – band, crew and all – and sing together, a beautiful Jagjit Singh bhajan, “hey govinda, hey gopala…”

Do you meditate? If so, please share a favorite technique?

Yes. my meditation takes many forms…music of course…but without the guitar my technique is to lay still for at least one hour, not moving a muscle…just breathing and witnessing the breath and the busy mind until I even forget to do these basic things…which is when it starts to get really good – absolute non-doing arises.

Allowing myself time to be totally off the hook, so to speak…not even attempting to watch the breath…and then gradually meditation/the miracle happens – ecstatic stillness becomes tangible…no sense of body…no sense of mind…just a vast experience of nothingness which almost makes me laugh out loud…un-nameable, although we use words like ‘god’…it’s way too vast to name…the thing is, learning how to ‘wait’ long enough.

20 minutes of meditation may slow you down, but it doesn’t do it for me…it’s a teaser.

I like to wait longer – at least an hour – for grace to descend. I’ve begun encouraging friends to wait longer. Waiting is essential…waiting long enough is the key to bliss.

The thing about meditation is it’s all about relaxed awareness – where you are as relaxed as you are in sleep, but in fact, awake and totally aware of everything. And it’s absolutely energising – a rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit..



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