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Deva & Miten, with bansuri maestro Manose, will be on the road again this September and October, sharing music from their best-selling new album Songs for the Sangha as they travel to Gothenburg, Helsinki, Riga, Vilnius,  Warsaw, Prague, Kiev, Basel, Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest, Ljubljana, Bucharest, and then on to Tel Aviv.
They are joined this autumn by multi-instrumentalist Rishi, who has worked with Deva & Miten on many albums, including producing The Essence and Password. Find tour dates here.
“Sangha” translated from Sanskrit means “spiritual family” and the concerts create an intimate setting, as Deva & Miten explore the meaning of the mantras with the audience and invite everyone to join in the chanting and the silence that emerges at the end of each song.
They are supported, as always, by a talented, dedicated crew who keep the wheels turning, the sound pristine, the lights shining and the hot chai  ready.
Meet them all by clicking on the images below, and visit their Photoblog to follow their touring adventures.




Songs For The Sangha On Tour

Tour Schedule

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