Where are you from?

A good existential question.  This time around, this planet, though in past lives, who knows?  On a more mundane level, when not chasing DP&M around all over the world, my body lives mostly in Portland, Oregon, USA.

What’s your job on this 2015 tour?

Tongue in cheek, i am the official gofer, which means “Bill, go for this” and “Bill go for that”.  I am happy to be of service in whatever needs to be done, whether driving a support vehicle, helping to set up and take down the stage, helping with cd sales or whatever.  No task too small or too large.

Your first tour with DP&M?

Nope.  I was lucky enough to help in a few cities in some of the US. tours, and even luckier to be a part of the second half of the last European tour.

When did you first meet DP&M?

Well, I first met Miten in a singing circle in a beach on Maui in the late 90’s, though we never talked.  First real connection was after a concert in Portland in 2007, and then on Corfu the following summer.

What part of the day do you enjoy most?

Hmmmm…. Do I have to pick?

Where are you during the concert?

That depends.  Mostly I am fortunate to get a seat somewhere near the front, but sometimes i am backstage.  It really isn’t that important where I end up; it is the energy that is important.

What is the one item you never leave for a tour without?

Only one?  My pocket knife is high on the list, along with my supplements, workout gear and clothes.

Do you meditate and if so, would you like to share your technique?

Yes.  I frequently do an energy clearing technique learned during my clairvoyant classes.  Basically it consists of pulling earth energy up into the first chakra and down again (getting a flow going) then pulling cosmic energy in through the crown, down the back and into the first chakra and then sending a mix of 90% cosmic and 10% earth energy up the front, clearing and cleaning each chakra on the way up, and then sending that energy back out the top of the crown.  So there are 2 flows of energy going at the same time.


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