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Heart to Heart: Holiday Offers




Here are a few suggestions for gifts to share with friends and loved ones that offer beautiful, meaningful tools for enhancing inner peace & awareness. Through the end of December, we have two special offers available in the DP&M Store:

  • Receive a 20% discount for all Mantra Practice offerings.
  • Receive a free necklace of your choice with your order for a Mantra Bead.


Our Mantra Practice offerings include two 21 Day Mantra Meditation programs, and other albums which present the mantras chanted 108 times, to enhance the healing power of the Sanskrit sounds: Mantras For Life, Mantras For Precarious Times, and Tibetan Mantras For Turbulent Times. Several beautiful 108 bead malas are also available.  Find details here.

All orders through December in the Mantra Practice shop will receive a 20% discount when you use this voucher code: MANTRA108

“The repetition of the mantra 108 times takes us beyond our usual boundaries.  We begin to lose our sense of time & ego – a feeling of ecstasy arises as the heart opens. The mind stills naturally and we arrive at a state of deep inner relaxation and peace.” -Deva


Deva & Miten have joined with master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur to offer golden Mantra Beads – a beautiful way to carry the healing power of mantras into daily life.

A mantra of your choice is inscribed on a scroll of 24 karat organic gold, which is then rolled into a bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration.  As each bead is being made, it is imbued with the sound of Deva & Miten chanting the chosen mantra. There are 21 Mantra Beads available – you can find details here.

Through December, all orders for the Mantra Beads will receive your choice of a free necklace. After you choose your mantra, select the size of bead you want (1 gram, 2 gram or 3 gram), and choose your complementary necklace (hand knotted string or gold plated chain).

“Our mantra practice plants seeds of light & the beads carry this living energy, supporting our commitment to shine our light for each other and amplify the light on this planet, to remind ourselves of our golden light essence.” -Ami Ben-Hur