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Mantra Bead celebrates its first anniversary

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Dear friends,
Amazing how time flies..!

Today (25th May) we celebrate the first anniversary of our Mantra Bead Project.

Over this past year our love for these organic golden beads of light, coupled with the power of the mantras they convey, has deepened incredibly.

We never take ours off!!
Simple golden beads, but of such potent energy.
It’s been an honour to have shared this journey with you all.

Working with Ami Ben-Hur has been a delight. We have learnt much, simply by watching him ‘play’ with the material that he loves and respects with such devotion. To him, organic gold carries the same wisdom and energy of the great teachers, so he is constantly in the presence of LOve.

And this corresponds exactly to our own personal experience of playing music for Osho.

Ami’s love and pure intention to share something of value with the world is also very much in tune with our own vision, and as a consequence we have bonded deeply in this adventure.

To us, Ami is as pure, flexible and conductive as gold itself!

As you have probably noticed, the mantra beads are treasured now by so many of us.

We see you at our events with your beads shining like ethereal points of light and we instantly recognise you and the connection we treasure through our chanting.

We have watched Ami despatch the mantra beads to the furthest corners of the planet, and our hearts have been warmed, simply by witnessing just how precious they are to so many of you.

Yes, they are a constant reminder that we are all connected, as one great worldwide Golden Cosmic Mantra Family – in love, life and laughter!

Thank you for continuing to shine your light on us.
Here’s to the unfoldment of another golden year!

With love and blessings always,
Deva & Miten