Temple At Midnight Tour:

North America May/June 2017
Taking the temple to the sangha with special guests Rishi and Joby Baker.



Recharge * Re-Vision * Rejoice



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"Our nourishment and life’s work is to create gatherings around the planet where people can come together in celebration and meditation."


Temple at Midnight, Miten’s beautiful new collection of songs has just been released and is available now at iTunes.

The album rocked to the top of charts around the world:
Number 1 in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand and Number 3 in the UK.

“A wondrous musical journey” -Krishna Das
“Such soulful and relaxed singing and gorgeous instrumentation” -Jai Uttal
“You’ll just want to replay and hear it all again… and again…” –Sharon Gannon

Global Gayatri Meditation: March 20

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Join us in creating a global wave of light to celebrate the Equinox on Monday, March 20 at any full hour, your local time. We will be chanting the Gayatri to welcome the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere – this is the moment when earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally and night & day are approximately equal in length. It is a beautiful moment to invite more inner light onto the planet.

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An Exploration Into Blissful Loving Between Woman & Man
with Deva Premal & Miten and Rafia with Manose
July 9-14, 2017: Fully Booked, Wait List Only
Email Holidays for more information


with Deva, Miten & Manose
July 23-28, 2017: Booking Open
Aug 6-11, 2017: Booking Open

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